Doubles Officiating

The Squash Canada Doubles Officiating Program is a comprehensive program which encompasses all aspects of the training of officials and instructors, and the dissemination of information about the Rules of Hardball Doubles.  Its purpose is to standardize the interpretation of these rules throughout Canada and to ensure that all matches are judged fairly.

Squash Canada believes that: 
“Every competitive squash match should have a team of certified officials to ensure a safe and fair outcome to that match.”
The goals of the Doubles Officiating Program follow Squash Canada's mandate:
  • To set and maintain standards for the training and certification of officials in Canada;
  • To ensure certified referees are used in all National Doubles Championships;
  • To facilitate links between the Canadian Doubles Officiating Program, U.S. Squash and the WSF.
There are two levels of referees, Provincial and National. To become a certified official, a candidate must:
  • attend a full certification clinic;
  • pass the written examination;
  • pass the practical test.