8 Division Titles on The Line at The 2017 Canadian Junior Open

After three days of non-stop action and incredible squash matches, the stage is set for an exciting final day at the 2017 Canadian Junior Open.
What started with 291 athletes comes down to 16, with 8 division titles on the line – Girls U13, U15, U17, U19 and Boys U13, U15, U17, U19.  Facing some incredible competition from 20 different countries, Canadians have played well with 5 of 8 finals featuring at least one Canadian. 
These finals are not to be missed!
In a CJO championship day first, eight different countries will be represented in the finals. With such amazing matches to be seen, spectators around the globe will have the opportunity to catch the action live as ALL Finals and 3/4 matches will be streamed live online at https://goo.gl/owuChg

2017 Canadian Junior Open Finals 
Girls U13 – 8:30am 
Finals: Shaheen (CAN) vs S. Hodges (NZL)
3rd/4th: M. Min (CAN) vs A. Margarita Quijano (COL)
Boys U13 – 9:15am
Finals: J. Zihao Lin (CAN) vs A. Glasser (USA)
3rd/4th: A. Fatialofa (NZL) vs J.E. Romo Lopez (ECU)
Girls U15 – 10:00am
Finals: L. Stefanoni (USA) vs M. Chadwick (CAN)
3rd/4th: M. Narvaez Dardon (MEX) vs S. Cao (CAN)
Boys U15 – 10:45am
Finals: D. Costales Sandoval (ECU) vs J.A. Mijares Carro (MEX)
3rd/4th: L. Fatialofa (NZL) vs A. Yuzpe (CAN)
Girls U17 – 11:30am
Finals: M.P. Moya Lopez (ECU) vs M. Best (BAR)
3rd/4th: C. Orcutt (CAN) vs L. Bicknell (CAN)
Boys U17 – 12:15pm
Finals: G. Crowne (CAN) vs A. Ibhram (EGY)
3rd/4th: A. Dweek (CAN) vs L. Vargas Inurreta (MEX)
Girls U19 – 1:00pm
Finals: A. Toth (CAN) vs E. Jinks (CAN)
3rd/4th: B. Churchill (CAN) vs B. Herring (CAN)
Boys U19 – 1:45pm 
Finals: M. Knudsen (COL) vs L. Chileshe (NZL)
3rd/4th: L. Marrison (CAN) vs J. Flynn (CAN)
Immediately following the Boys U19 Final an award presentation will take place where Squash Canada will officially crown the Champions of the 2017 Canadian Junior Open (the awards presentation will be streamed live online).
For full draws, schedules, results and photo gallery from the 2017 Canadian Junior Open visit http://squash.ca/en/events/2017-canadian-junior-open  
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