Canadian James Flynn Selected As A Squash Youth Ambassador for 2018 Youth Olympics Games

The long journey to have squash included in the Olympic Games will take a positive step forward later this year when it debuts as a showcase sport at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The World Squash Federation (WSF) and Squash Canada are extremely excited about this opportunity to show off the dexterity, strength, and athleticism required to be a top-level squash player.
Eighteen young male and eighteen young female ambassadors were nominated by the five regions (Asia, Europe, Pan America, Africa, and Oceania) of the WSF and will play a pivotal role in the showcase of the sport at the Games. Participating in these Games is an exceptional opportunity for these under-18 squash ambassadors.  All ambassadors will take part in six days of exhibition games, from October 7-12, 2018.
Squash Canada is thrilled to confirm that James Flynn has been selected as the Canadian representative attending the Youth Olympic Games this October.  Joining Flynn for this unique opportunity will be Squash Canada Board member, Steve Wren, who will serve as Canadian squash team leader at the Games.
“It is a great honour to be selected as one of the representatives for squash in its role as a showcase event at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires,” said 2018 Canadian U19 Junior Champion, James Flynn of Toronto, Ontario. “I've participated in a lot of amazing squash events all over the world in my life, but I'm confident this experience will be truly unique. Squash definitely deserves a spot as a full event in the Olympic Games and hopefully this event will demonstrate the physical and technical feats required for the sport to the Olympic community and serve as a step towards that ultimate goal!” 
The thirty-six squash ambassadors will be encouraged to play/compete on the show court, meet the influencers who will attend, support introductory clinics, and help with the use of an inflatable court.  Results will not be recorded nor published  since the focus of these matches is to showcase the unique aspects of squash that make it worthy of a spot in the Olympic Games.
“It has been made clear in earlier notifications that this is an exciting opportunity for squash to be a part of an Olympic event for the first time - and hopefully a stepping stone towards achieving our dream of a place on the Olympic Games Programme”, said Andrew Shelley, WSF Chief Executive. The presentation of squash at these Games comes at a critical time, as Paris 2024 Olympic Summer Games are considering which additional sports it wishes to propose for inclusion in the 2024 Olympic Summer Games.
Squash Canada is delighted about this opportunity for the sport of squash to take part in the Youth Olympic Games and wishes to congratulate James for being chosen as the Canadian ambassador!
The full list of squash ambassadors was announced by the WSF this week and can be found here.