Fontaine supplying a powerful new wave of efforts to earn squash Olympic participation

Third time lucky, they say. Try telling that to squash. Three consecutive times this global sport has sought entry to the Olympic Games; three times it has been turned away.
As the sport gets its 2017 World Championships underway in Manchester – they run from December 9-17 – the World Squash Federation (WSF) and Professional Squash Association (PSA), more united than ever before, are preparing the groundwork for yet another push on the Olympic front.
It has been a long and painful campaign thus far.
“We know that squash would bring something different and special to the Olympic Games through our wonderful youth, our professional athletes and great staging options.
So every single player, official and stakeholder should take every opportunity to promote squash to their national media, sports officials and especially influencers. WSF & PSA will lead but it is the sea wave of the whole of squash repeatedly landing that will make t
he difference.”

Jacques Fontaine, elected as World Squash Federation President in November last year, is orchestrating a realistic, but relentless bid for Olympic inclusion at Paris 2024 ©Getty Images