Gary Slaight, Squash’s Greatest Supporter, Honoured with Juno Humanitarian Award

At the annual Juno Awards in Vancouver on March 24th, one of Canada’s major music industry’s leaders, Gary Slaight, was presented with the prestigious Juno Humanitarian Award.  He was recognized for his unwavering energy in promoting the cause of Canadian artists, his generosity, and on a broader scale, in making the world a better place.
This comes as no surprise to the Canadian squash community, where he has made an indelible philanthropic mark on yet another passion and aspect of his life.  Gary has long been the first to support and sponsor countless squash events, athletes, the disadvantaged and a myriad of squash causes.  He was the first Chair of Squash Canada’s Road to Podium campaign that raised significant funds that has helped Canadian squash players reach even higher in attaining international excellence.
A wonderful FYI Music News article, Gary Slaight's Passionate Drive to Make The World A Better Place, pays tribute to the honoured Humanitarian, and includes a statement of ethos he had the foresight to have printed in the gala-dinner award show program, followed by a video capture of his acceptance speech.
On behalf of Squash Canada and squashers everywhere, Gary Slaight - we are thankful to consider you one of our own, and quite simply, to have you on this planet!