Seeding Predictions Hold Strong at Canadian Juniors, Set Up an Exciting Final Day

After three days of non-stop action and incredible squash matches, the stage is set for an exciting final day at the 2018 Mayfair Clubs Canadian Junior Squash Championships.
What started with 300 athletes comes down to 20, with 10 division titles on the line – Girls U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 and Boys U11, U13, U15, U17, U19.
In four of the divisions, the seedings stayed true to form with the finals featuring the top two seeds. In other divisions some incredible squash resulted in players battling their way to the finals over those predicted to be there. The Boys U15 division saw a double upset with the ¾ seeds defeating the #1 and #2 seeds in the semi-finals lending it’s hand to a showdown between Alberta’s Mohamed Kamal and BC’s Christian Yuen. 
In the Girls U13 finals, Ontario’s Gabrielle Waite defeated both the #2 seed and the #3/4 seed on her way to earning her spot in the final. Waite will face top seed, BC’s Maria Min. 
For the third time in a year, the Girls U19 finals will feature an epic matchup between two of Canada’s brightest when PEI’s Emma Jinks faces BC’s Andrea Toth. Every match between the two athletes is always a show-stopper. In their previous two championship matchups Jinks has emerged victorious but not one game was a given between the two. The 2018 finals also marks Jinks’ third consecutive Girls U19 finals, as she first played in the U19 as a 16 year old. 
A championship matchup between Abdelrahman Dweek and Nikhil Ismail is not new for fans of Canada’s Junior squash. Dweek of Alberta entered as the #1 seed, while Ismail of Ontario was seeded #2. In their last championship final, Dweek claimed the title over Ismail in the BU15 division of the 2016 Canadian Junior Open, capping a year that also saw Dweek take the BU15 national title at the 2016 edition of the Canadian Junior Championships. 
Each division’s championship matchup is certain to be displays of Canada’s best junior squash, finals that are not to be missed! With such amazing matches to be seen, family, friends and fans across the country will have the opportunity to catch the action live as all Finals will be streamed live online at
2018 Canadian Junior Squash Championships Finals 
BU11 – 1:00pm EST
A. Nadeem Izhar (ON) vs. Y. Matti-Alvarez (BC)
Round robin play to conclude to determine champion
BU13 – 1:40pm EST 
J. Zihao Lin (BC) vs. J. Toth (BC)
GU13 – 11:40am EST
M. Min (BC) vs. G. Waite (ON)
BU15 – 10:20am 
M. Kamal (AB) vs. C. Yuen (BC) 
GU15 – 12:20pm EST 
S. Cao (BC) vs. M. Chadwick (ON)
BU17 – 11:40am EST 
A. Dweek (AB) vs. N. Ismail (ON)
GU17 – 11:00am EST 
C. Orcutt (ON) vs. L. Bicknell (BC)
BU19 – 2:20pm EST 
L. Marrison (ON) vs. J. Flynn (ON)
GU19 – 1:40pm EST
E. Jinks (PE) vs. A. Toth (BC)
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