Semi-Final Match Ups Set for 2017 CJO

Day 3 evening matches at the 2017 Canadian Junior Open will set the stage for the finals in all 8 divisions, as semi-final matchups hit the courts at the Club at White Oaks tonight. 
Semi-Final Match Ups & Times
Girls U13 – 4:50pm EST
Semi-Final #1: I. Shaheen (CAN) vs. M. Min (CAN)
Semi-Final #2: S. Hodges (NZL) vs. A. Margarita Quijano (COL)
Girls U15 – 6:00pm EST
Semi-Final #1: L. Stefanoni (USA) vs. M. Narvaez Dardon (MEX) 
Semi-Final #2: S. Cao (CAN) vs. M. Chadwick (CAN)
Girls U17 – 7:40pm EST 
Semi-Final #1: C. Orcutt (CAN) vs. M. Best (BAR)
Semi-Final #2: L. Bicknell (CAN) vs. M.P. Maya Lopez (ECU)
Girls U19 – 8:30pm EST
Semi-Final #1: A. Toth (CAN) vs. B. Churchill (CAN)
Semi-Final #2: E. Jinks (CAN) vs. B. Herring (CAN)
Boys U13 – 4:05pm EST 
Semi-Final #1: J. Zihao Lin (CAN) vs. A. Fatialofa (NZL)
Semi-Final #2: A. Glasser (USA) vs. J. Romo Lopez (ECU)
Boys U15 – 5:25pm EST
Semi-Final #1: L. Fatialofa (NZL) vs. D. Costales Sandoval (ECU)
Semi-Final #2: A. Yuzpe (CAN) vs. J.A. Mijares Carro (MEX)
Boys U17 – 6:50pm EST
Semi-Final #1: G. Crowne (CAN) vs. L. Vargas Inurreta (MEX)
Semi-Final #2: A. Dweek (CAN) vs. A. Ibhram (EGY)
Boys U19 – 9:20pm EST
Semi-Final #1: M. Knudsen (COL) vs. J. Flynn (CAN)
Semi-Final #2: L. Marrison (CAN) vs. L. Chileshe (NZL)
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