USA Tops Canada In Battle Of The Border

The annual Battle of the Border event occurred this past weekend, showing off North America’s top junior squash players in a battle between Canada and USA. Canada had 24 top junior players fighting to win back the BOTB Trophy, however, the USA came out strong defeating Team Canada 18-6, and reclaiming the Trophy once again. 
The Battle of the Border is a unique development opportunity for some of Canada’s rising stars to represent their country at a young age. The Club at White Oaks (Niagara-on-the-lake, ON) hosted a great event once again, featuring 48 junior athletes divided into 6 different age groups (Girls U13, U15, U17 and Boys U13, U15, U17). The Canadian Squad this year was lead by an impressive group of coaches, including: Melina Turk (YK), Derek Moore (ON), Marci Sier (ON), Joanna Phang (ON) and Chris Sachvie (ON) – all under the leadership of Squash Canada’s Athlete Pathway Manager, Graeme Williams (ON). Although it was not the preferred result, the athletes played some great squash this weekend and should be proud of themselves for competing at this level!
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GU13 (0-4)
#1 – Caroline M Fouts (USA) 3-0 vs Ananya Maheshwari (CAN) 11-4,11-4,11-2
#2 – Eva K Salzman (USA) 3-0 vs Emina Hickox (CAN) 11-3,11-3,11-5
#3 – Sarita Popat (USA) 3-1 vs Shirin Batra (CAN) 11-5,7-11,11-9,11-3
#4 – Aisha Tara (USA) 3-0 vs Keira Hickox (CAN) 11-1,11-3,11-2
BU13 (2-2)
#1 – Mero Elmarassy (USA) 3-0 vs Daniel Deverill (CAN) 11-8,12-10,14-12
#2 – Graeme G Herbert (USA) 3-1 vs Jacob Marrison (CAN) 11-9,11-4,7-11,11-9
#3 – Murdoch Morrison (CAN) 3-1 vs Teddy G Kempner (USA) 11-6,11-2,11-6
#4 – Michael Knapp (CAN) 3-0 vs Brandon Wang (USA) 12-10,11-6,7-11,11-6
GU15 (1-3)
#1 – Molly Chadwick (CAN) 3-1 vs Charlotte E Bell (USA) 8-11,11-5,11-9,11-3
#2 – Devon Shatzman (USA) 3-2 vs Iman Shaheen (CAN) 11-6,11-3,10-12,5-11,11-9
#3 – Riddhi Joshi (USA) 3-1 vs Jena Ravinden (CAN) 7-11,11-7,11-5,11-7
#4 – Jhansi D Bhavsar (USA) 3-1 vs Aparna Maheshwari (CAN) 10-12, 11-6,11-5,11-4
BU15 (0-4)
#1 – Arav V. Bhagwati (USA) 3-1 vs Gabriel Yun (CAN) 9-11,12-10,7-11,8-11
#2 – Lachlan Sutton (USA) 3-1 vs Alex Yuzpe (CAN) 11-7,5-11,11-8,11-7
#3 – Rana K Thakkar (USA) 3-1 vs Karim Michael (CAN) 10-12,11-4,9-11,6-11
#4 – Avi Agarwal (USA) 3-1 vs Syan Singh (CAN) 11-13,11-13, 12-10,11-3
GU17 (3-1)
#1 – Brianna Jefferson (CAN) 3-1 vs Renee C Chan (USA) 11-3,13-11,11-13,11-5
#2 – Erica McGillicuddy (CAN) 3-2 vs Lily Seckendorf (USA) 5-11,11-9,7-11,11-4,11-7
#3 – Emma Supattapone (USA) 3-0 vs Taylor Mackay (CAN) 11-9,11-6,11-9
#4 – Haley Jefferson (CAN) 3-2 vs Priya R Verma (USA) 7-11,12-10, 11-7, 10-12,11-1
BU17 (0-4)
#1 – Nicholas Spizzirri (USA) 3-0 vs Nikhil Ismail (CAN) 11-6,11-7,11-6
#2 – Myles McIntyre (USA) 3-2 vs Ali Shalaby (CAN) 2-11,8-11,11-8,11-7,9-11
#3 – Dana A. Santry (USA) 3-1 vs Mitchell Kahnert (CAN) 9-11,11-7,4-11,3-11
#3 – Gordon Lam (USA) 3-0 vs Dylan Deverill (CAN) 11-4,11-4,11-2
About the Battle of the Border
The “Battle of the Border” was initially founded as a Team Ontario vs. Team USA format in 2004 by U.S.-based Bryan Patterson and the late Mark Sachvie. For many players, the Battle of the Border is the first introduction to representing Team Canada in international competition in the U13, U15 and U17 age divisions. In 2015, Squash Canada incorporated the Battle into Canada's junior athlete pathway, using the event as an opportunity to create development and training opportunities for some of Canada's rising talents. Each year the Athlete Development Program junior camps are held before and after the Battle.