Squash Canada has a Canadian Rankings Rules Guide, which details how the Canadian singles rankings system works.  Last updated in August 2017, the document lists the tournament rating guide for the 2017-18 season.  The Guide can be viewed here: Canadian Rankings Rules Guide
Thank you for visiting Squash Canada’s Canadian Rankings!  After consulting with members of the community, Squash Canada has begun the process of developing a new Canadian rankings system.  
The modifications that are being made to the Canadian rankings system will facilitate easier results and data uploading for tournament organizers making it faster to use, easier to identify and resolve issues and increasing the accuracy of rankings.  
Current Canadian Junior rankings have been updated and can be viewed here:
To request your personal ranking and match interactions, please contact Squash Canada's Program Coordinator, Kyle Ogilvy at

NOTE: the Canadian Rankings are "living documents" and are constantly changing as new information is received. We encourage you to check regularly as updates are continually being made.

NOTE: Squash Canada is no longer using Tournament Software as the rankings system - any rankings posted there are out of date and will not be updated. Please use the links above.