Nicole Bunyan

Date de naissance : 
Ville de résidence : 
Victoria, BC
Club : 
Princeton Club Of NY
Entraîneur(s) : 
John Musto
Commanditaires : 
Résultats clés : 
  • CSA Individual 2015: Semifinalist 
  • Nicola Wealth Open:Semifinalist 
  • Bitar Cosmetics Play Squash Open 2016: Finalist 
  • Emnoll Classic 2018: Winner

Current PSA Ranking: 61 (last month 61)

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Racquet: Salming 
Shoes: Salming
Clothing: Salming
Based in (what city): New York City 
Right or left handed: Right handed
Hobbies: Health + fitness, soccer, cycling, cooking/baking 
Favourite tournament: Tournament of Champions Or Nash Cup
Favourite player: Raneem El Weleily 
Role model growing up: All of the BC squash girls who were older than me 
When did you start playing: Age 10 right after I quit tap dancing 
When did you start playing professionally on the PSA World Tour: September 2015 
Favourite shot: Hold & cross drive
Favourite quote: You cant take the elevator to success, you have to take the stairs 
Any schooling (uni/college/personal training/etc): Princeton University '15; NASM CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

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