Squash Facilities Strategy – Calling for Best Practices in Squash Court Advocacy, Utilization and Development

Squash Canada is undertaking development of a squash facilities strategy with accompanying resource materials and examples.  Having squash courts available to Canadians is fundamental to the future growth of our game.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused hardship that sees the loss of some courts around the country.  So, too, do we see squash not on the radar when municipalities or developers are looking at new recreational facility builds.  We see some courts in ill repair and under-utilized, and absence of courts in many regions that are outside of urban centres.

To help strengthen its support for retention, utilization and construction of squash facilities, Squash Canada is calling upon its clubs, facility owners and individual members who may have been involved in a squash court/facility effort, to share your learnings.

Do you have real examples of documentation that was designed to:

  • Present to a municipality, community centre, YMCA, etc. on why they should build or retain squash courts
  • Present to a facility owner on why and how they can undertake:
    • Court/squash area renovations
    • Convert a racquetball court for squash
    • Renovate an ‘older’ North American squash court to current international specifications
  • Present to a developer on why they should include squash courts as part of their multi-sport facility
  • A business plan, or ‘case for support’ for development of a squash facility
  • Samples of market research, surveying, due diligence, etc. to determine the demand and/or feasibility of developing a squash facility, or adding more courts to an existing facility
  • Example of an advocacy plan/campaign to advocate for keeping or developing a squash facility
  • A financial model for the development or operation of a squash a squash facility
  • A financial model on how to structure squash club membership dues, court fees, food & beverage revenues, special event hosting revenues, etc.
  • Analytics on the annual spend of a member at a squash club from all sources (i.e. food & beverage, tickets to special events, tournament/league registration fees, usage of other club amenities)
  • The business case as to why engaging a squash pro to market and deliver squash in the community is a good investment
  • How to cost-share/engage a squash pro across different squash facilities. Or, how to market your squash-pro services across different facilities
  • Creative/other activities to run on a squash court to keep courts busy, members served, paying for themselves
  • Drawings for development of a squash facility
  • Sample RFP (Request for Proposals) to court builders for the construction or renovation of a squash facility
  • Lifecycle and maintenance planning for squash courts
  • Accessibility guidelines for a squash facility
  • How a college or university can maximize their squash courts
  • The case for adding a Doubles court to an existing squash facility
  • Proposal for development of an outdoor court(s)
  • Build a squash court in a personal home
  • Why to include and how to maximize usage of a squash court in a condo or apartment complex, or in a hotel
  • Creative ways in which a squash court can be best simulated for outreach into schools, Boys and Girls clubs, etc.
  • Sample PowerPoint presentations on any of the above

Please send any documentation and information that may help Squash Canada and its provincial/territorial associations strengthen its ability to advocate and support squash courts in Canada.  Send to dan.wolfenden@squash.ca.  Your real life experiences and examples will help us help others!

Also, if you think your experience and advice could help others, let us know if you might wish to become involved in this project as an author, workshop deliverer or mentor to other groups who may go through such processes.

We ask that, in submitting documentation to Squash Canada for this purpose, that you consent to its use in development of our strategy and possibly be included as part of our available resource package in support of others efforts to better maximize, retain or develop new squash facilities.  Thank you!