Squash Canada’s Coach Certification Program aligns the NCCP with our Long Term Player Development model. This program is designed to ensure that coaches are properly trained and certified to develop our athletes in the best way possible. We currently offer two streams, Instruction and Competitive, and three contexts between the two streams. Coaches start off with the Introduction to Squash – Coaching Foundations Course, which is part of the Instruction Stream. This is usually a weekend course, with both in-class and on-court instruction. Each context has various requirements to progress coaches through stages of “In Training”, “Trained” and “Certified”. After becoming certified with Introduction to Squash, coaches can continue through the certification levels by taking the Intermediate Coaching Course, which is a combination of the Intermediate Context – Instruction Stream and Introduction to Competition Context – Competitive Stream. Squash Canada is currently in the process of gaining final approval on the Competitive Development Context, which is the second course in the Competitive Stream of Coach Certification. Do you know your current certification level? To check your status, visit . Click on “Check your NCCP Certification” on the right, and login using the CC# which is issued to you when you complete your first NCCP training workshop.

Transferring from the Old to the New…

Many of Canada’s certified squash coaches went through their training and became certified before the new NCCP system was introduced. If you are a fully certified Level 1, 2, or 3 coach through the old NCCP program, you can request the following Squash Canada equivalencies through your provincial/territorial office:
  • Level 1 = Squash Instructor
  • Level 2 = Club Coach
  • Level 3 = Provincial Coach
Since these equivalencies are only recognized by Squash Canada, certified Level 1, 2, or 3 coaches must also apply for the following certification equivalencies in the new NCCP Database:
  • Level 1 certified = Certified Squash Instructor
  • Level 2 certified = Certified Intermediate Instructor, Trained Club Coach
  • Level 3 certified = Certified Club Coach, Trained Provincial Coach
Level 1–3 certified coaches may also challenge the program to receive higher equivalencies. This may involve participation in various modules from the new NCCP standards. If you feel you are capable of challenging a context, contact your provincial/territorial squash association for more information. COACH CHALLENGE PROCESS (April 3, 2020 — NEW) Squash Canada encourages coaches to go through the outlined training and certification process.  However, Squash Canada has outlined a process to encourage active coaches who have not yet been certified in the NCCP to potentially bypass certain training requirements and be recognized for prior learning and experience.  Coaches are required to fully understand the Coach Pathway and associated training components they would like to challenge based on the athletes they work with as outlined in the Long-Term Athlete Development model.  Coaches are invited to challenge the evaluation in any of the Coach Pathways linked above. Information and Application Form – CLICK HERE