2012 Ridley Windows and Doors Canadian Doubles Championships Results



Thanks to the tireless efforts of Tournament Co-Chairs Brian Murray and Cathy Tuckwell and their committee , Leslie Freeman, Tony Altilia, Norm Crook, Michael Meredith, John Hickey and Barbara Cooper for organizing and  showcasing Toronto in our premier event of the Canadian Doubles season.  These events could not happen without sponsorship and we'd like to thank Ridley Windows & Door and Jon LeHeup, for their phenomenal continued financial support of these Championships. Thank you also to sponsors BFL Canada, Shoal Point Energy,  Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, and Patrons Namsoo Oh, Jerry Peters, Jon LeHeup, Barcardi Canada Inc, Tom Poor, Lenny Bernheimer, Rea Godbold, Michael McBean, Phil Barth, Sandy Tierney, Terrence Finn, Peter Hall, Norman Seagram, Susan Bell, and Jay Umans.

Special thanks to Barbara Cooper and the Mayfair Lakeshore for hosting, to Willie Hosey for captaining Super Sunday at the Mayfair Parkway and to the all the members of the Badminton & Racquet Club, Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto Athletic Club, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club and Toronto Racquet Club for graciously giving up courts to facilitate all the matches.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2012 Canadian Doubles Champions!  

Men’s 75+ Ed Bracht & Norm Lee (ON) 10 (3) 13, 11 over Norman Seagram  & Peter Holland (ON)
3rd John Wildman & Barry Abelson (ON) over Ritchie Bell (QC) & Daniel Owen (ON)

Men’s 70+ Bart McGuire & Dave O'Loughlin (US) 8, 18-13, (11), 10 over Don Mills & Ted Marmor (US)  
Classic Plate Peter Hall & Larry Perrin (ON) over Evans (ON) & Mike Wilson (QC)
Consoltaion Winner- Paul Yaphe  (QC)& Brian Aspinall (ON)

Men’s 65+ Tony Swift & Molson Robertson (ON) 10,16-14, over Tom Poor & Lenny Bernheimer (US) 
Classic Plate Mike Manley & Jim m Bruce (ON) 3-0 over  John Kelly & Ted Ellis (ON)
Consolation Winners- Finn & Willman over Peter Hall (ON) & Bubeau (QC)

Men’s 60+ John Boynton & Tom Griffin (ON) 8,5,6 over Craig Benson (ON) & Gordie Anderson (US)
Classic Plate: Palmer Page & Peters (US) over Craig Hall & Bob Watson (ON)
Consolation Tony Atlilia & John Hirst(ON) over Umans & Scott Ryan (US)

Men’s 55 Jay Gillespie(ON) & Tom Boldt (US)  (11) 13 (12) 7 15-14 over Pat Richardson & Tim Bovaird (ON
Classic Plate:  Phil Barth (US) & Jeff (ON) 3-0 over  Norm Crook & Paul Smith (ON)
Consolation: TBD

Men’s 50+  John Nimick & Andrew Slater (US) 15-15, 8,15-14 over Peter DeRose (US) & Al Hunt (ON)
Classic Plate:  Brian Valin & John Kervin (ON) 3-2 over  Wayne Weatherhead & Brad Munro (ON)
Consolation: Chuck VanKempen & Peter Smale (ON) over John Olejnik & Wayne Pye (ON)

Men’s 45+  Bart Sambrook & Taylor Fawcett (ON) 13,11,6 over Doug Lifford (US) & Paul Zander (ON)
Classic Plate:  rob Paskulin (ON) & Ray Bertrand (US)  over  Neil Holman & Terry Phillips (ON)
Consolation: Steve Milic & Paul Hentschel over Zaveri Desa & Phil Isabella

Men’s 40+  Scott Dulmage & Richard Thomson (ON) 
2nd –David Sage & Al Vice
3rd -Jerome Trail & Karl Burnham

Women’s 55+  Leslie Freeman & Lindsey Hermer-Bell (ON) 
2nd –Sibylle Witt & Jennifer Brown
3rd- Carol McCullough & Sandy Cameron

Women’s 50+ -Cathy Tuckwell & Megan Hill (ON) 
2nd –Jann Taylor & Lolly Gillen (ON)
3rd –Cathy Brown & Ruth Castellino  (BC)

Women’s 45+Tessa Breukels & Cathy Covernton  (BC) ;
2nd –Robbin Morrison & Tammie Sangster (ON)
3rd- Helen Kay & Julie Hisey (ON)

Women’s 40+- Jody Warden & Michelle Ramsey (ON) 
2nd –Karen Jerome & Caro Sambrook (ON)
3rd- Annette White & Laurie Krol (ON)

Men’s Open – Will Mariani & Ian Power (ON) 12 (9) 17-14, 15-13 over Scott Stoneburgh & Chris Deratnay (ON)
Classic Plate: Jeremy Thompson & Joel Clarke  (ON) over Strachan Jarvis & Jeff Lurie (ON)
Consolation: Ryan Son Kee & Jeremy Ruttle over Jeff Andersen & Josh Ginou (injury default)

Women’s Open –  Dana Betts (US) & Jessica DiMauro (ON)  11, 13, 10 over  Stephanie Hewitt  Seanna Keating (ON) 
3rd Rebecca Hazell & Stephanie Edminson(ON) 3-1 over Tara Mullins & Nicole Pirko (ON)