Selection Criteria

Squash Canada operates a high performance program that includes a number of year round national squads and specific event teams that represent Canada at international competitions.

In keeping with it’s corporate value of openness and transparency, Squash Canada publishes selection criteria well in advance so that athletes, coaches and parents are aware of the process that will be used to select athletes to a squad, or for available funding.

National Squad Selection Criteria & Documents

Squash Canada operates several ‘national squads’, groups of athletes at different levels who are provided various recognition, annual training, coaching and/or monitoring services.  These include:

To understand the obligations of Squash Canada to the athlete and the athlete’s obligations to Squash Canada, the Squash Canada Athlete Agreement is posted HERE.

Should a national squad or team athlete wish to request exemption from a mandatory event, an Event Exemption Request Form is posted HERE.

In order to support its athlete focused value statement, Squash Canada includes a position of Athlete Director on its Board of Directors who is elected by current Senior National Squad athletes, and maintains an Athlete Representative Policy posted HERE, which identifies a Male and a Female Representative for liaison purposes and who each carry a vote at the Squash Canada Annual General Meeting.

Competition-Specific Selection Criteria

Many squash competitions are ‘open’, where players are eligible to enter directly.  There are, however, a good number of elite level nation vs nation or limited entry competitions where the respective national squash federation controls the entry.  In such cases, Squash Canada develops selection criteria in order to determine which players will represent Canada.  The following table reflects those competitions and the status of selection criteria and related information.

Senior Events World Team Championships (Men’s & Women’s) Selection Criteria
World (Softball) Doubles Championships 2023 criteria pending
2022 Commonwealth Games Selection Criteria
Pan American Senior Championship and Pan Am Games (2020-2023) Selection Criteria
2024 World University Championships Criteria pending
Under 23 Events Junior Pan Am Games
Criteria pending
Junior Events 2023 World Junior Championships (Junior Women’s Team)  

Selection Criteria

Final Selection Points Table – TBD

2023 World Junior Championships (Junior Women’s & Junior Men’s Individual) Selection Criteria
2023 Pan American Junior Championships Selection Criteria
US Junior Open Eligibility & Selection Criteria 2022
British Junior Open Selection Criteria
Battle of the Border Selection Criteria
PSA World Tour Refer to Professional Squash Association PSA World Tour
SDA Pro Tour Refer to Pro Doubles Tour Men and Women: SDA Pro Tour
Athlete Funding

Squash Canada manages two direct athlete funding programs in support of High Performance Squad members:

Athlete Assistance Program ‘Carding’

The AAP is a program of the Federal Government administered by Sport Canada.  Squash Canada receives an annual quota from Sport Canada and in turn proposes criteria to determine which athletes will be nominated for ‘carding’.  Historically, Squash Canada has received a quota that has permitted carding of 4 to 5 High Performance Squad members annually.  Carding amounts per player can range from $21,180/year to $8,480/year.

Current Carding Criteria can be viewed HERE (2023)

Individualized Athlete Funding

Each year, Squash Canada typically makes a budget allocation in support of High Performance Squad members to assist with training and competition expenses, with emphasis on support for players who may not be ‘carded’.  The amount of support is budget dependent but historically has been in the $4,000 range.

Some provincial/territorial governments, agencies or squash associations make available performance-based funding assistance to high performance, elite development and junior players.  Athletes are directed to their respective provincial/territorial squash association for information about respective athlete funding assistance program that may exist.