During this COVID-19 impacted period, Squash Canada urges players, coaches, clubs and administrators to exercise caution when organizing and participating in squash activities.

As each jurisdiction in Canada has its own timetable and phase-in protocols for navigating COVID-19, we encourage all participants to check in with their local facilities and member associations on a regular basis.

This page includes many return to play recommendations, tools and risk management resources.

Squash Canada appreciates the support and patience shown by everyone, and looks forward to the day when squash participation can return to normalcy.

Return to Play Recommendations

As different levels of provincial and municipal governments outline their plans for reducing or removing COVID-19 related restrictions, Squash Canada is issuing its ‘return to play’ recommendations for clubs, coaches and players, once squash clubs and facilities are permitted to re-open.

COVID-19 has been affecting different parts of the country in different ways, with different timing, and provincial government re-opening strategies. While government and public health authorities may impose certain restrictions on athletic or fitness facilities, the squash club or facility management, coaches and players themselves should implement certain measures and precautions to reduce the risk of infection transmission while in the facility and while practicing or playing squash.

Squash Canada offers its general recommendations for “Return to Play” which are aimed at helping clubs, coaches and players customize their progressive plans to re-engage in squash activities as Government restrictions are eased in phases over time.

Squash Canada has released two documents:

  • Return to Play Recommendations for Club Administrators, Coaches and Anyone Organizing Squash Activities – Click Here
  • Return to Play Recommendations for Players – Click Here

The content outlines the many measures and precautions to take before re-opening, and in organizing or participating in different types of squash activities, as a way to reduce the risks.

Recommendations have been developed in accordance with World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s general guidelines, and with the input of a cross section of medical, legal, coach and provincial/territorial squash associations.

Stay safe, play safe!

Risk Management and Resources
Squash Canada - COVID-19 Risk Management ResourcesGovernment of Canada - Risk Mitigation Guidelines and ResourcesWorld Squash Federation Recommendations and ResourcesFasken - Limiting Liability for COVID-19 TransmissionOwn the Podium - COVID-19 Tools and ResourcesCoaching Association of Canada - COVID-19 ResourcesSport LawOther Resources
Squash Canada – COVID-19 Risk Management Resources

Notwithstanding extraordinary efforts and precautions, due to its infectious and latent nature, it is impossible to guarantee that every participant will be safe from COVID-19.  Every participant must assume that there remains an element of risk.  Squash organizations may also find that various insurance coverage’s may have exclusions for contagions or pandemics, resulting in heightened risk exposure.  It therefore behooves participants to accept a level of responsibility for their and others’ safety, and for squash organizations to mitigate those risks by having participants sign certain awareness documents and agreements as a condition of participation.

Government of Canada – Risk Mitigation Guidelines and Resources

The following Government of Canada guidelines and resources are considerations that should be applied to all training environments. These links provide important information for all athletes, coaches, clubs, facilities and organizers in assessing and reducing risk when planning for their return to sport.

Resources For Coaches, Athletes & Staff:

Keep up to date with information from your local and provincial health authorities.

Identification and management of symptomatic athletes, Isolation procedures, care of athletes in isolation:

Ensure you have communication plans in place and a strategy to manage and share information.

Contact and tracing plans, response leaders, link to PHA, Cleaning and PPE, transportation plans:

COVID -19 operations team. Link to health authorities in case of outbreak:


Own the Podium – COVID-19 Tools and Resources

The Sport Medicine Advisory Committee, a joint committee comprised of chief medical officers of Own the Podium, Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee, have developed some very comprehensive tools and resources for the Canadian sport community.