In order to enjoy the benefits of a given squash facility, club or court, the facility owner may require a user fee or a membership fee.

Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations and Squash Canada run many different programs, events and activities that also have specific membership requirements.  To enjoy these benefits, one must become a member of their respective Provincial/Territorial Squash Association.  Links to respective membership registration pages can be found below.

Joining a Provincial/Territorial Squash Association also makes a participant a member of the National Association, Squash Canada.

While every Provincial/Territorial Squash Association may deliver somewhat different membership offerings, the combined value proposition of being a Provincial/Territorial and National Association member include:

  • Various insurance coverages
  • Access to sanctioned competitions
  • Access to Provincial championships
  • Access to Canadian championships
  • Eligibility for Provincial, National and International team selection and training
  • Inclusion in Provincial and National Rankings
  • Eligibility for a Club Locker Rating
  • Access to training and certification within the Squash Canada Coaching Certification Program
  • Access to training and certification within the Squash Canada Officiating Certification Program (Singles & Doubles)
  • Receipt of coaching and refereeing from individuals who have been trained in the above programs
  • Benefits of standardized rules of squash and standards for squash courts
  • Discounts to Provincial/Territorial and National Association partners such as SquashTV, Squash Magazine, Squash Skills, etc.

Become a member of a vibrant Provincial/Territorial and National squash community today!