Singles Officiating Program

The Squash Canada Singles Officiating Program is a comprehensive program that encompasses all aspects of the training of referees and assessors, and the dissemination of information about the Rules of Singles Squash.  Its purpose is to standardize the interpretation of these rules throughout Canada and to ensure that all matches are judged fairly.

Squash Canada believes that:
“Every competitive squash match should have a team of certified officials to ensure a safe and fair outcome to that match,”

The goals of the Singles Officiating Program follow Squash Canada’s mandate:

    • To set and maintain standards for the training and certification of squash officials in Canada;
    • To train and certify high calibre officials to meet the needs of Squash Canada’s high performance system;
    • To facilitate links between the Squash Canada Officiating Program and international refereeing through the World Squash Federation and Pan American Squash Federation.

Squash Canada Singles Officiating Committee

Singles Officiating Certification Program

Squash Canada’s Singles Officiating Certification Program allows officials to progress from the initial Club Referee status to National Referee status; a journey that typically takes between six to eight years.

Certification Levels:
Club Referee ⇒ Local Referee ⇒ Provincial Referee ⇒ National Referee

For a complete outline of the certification process, please review the Singles Officiating Program Administration Manual – Version 12 (as of October 20, 2022).

To learn about the program please view: Singles Officiating Program Video

Become A Certified Club Referee

The first level of certification is Club Referee.

This initial certification is issued after successful completion of the Online Certification Course offered through the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) ‘The Locker‘.

Referee Upgrading and Progression Matrix

The upgrading process involves gaining more match experience and earning positive recommendations and signatures from other officials and recognized assessors.

Singles Officiating Assessor Certification Process
There are two levels of Assessors in Canada – referees enter into the program at the Provincial Assessor level and can then progress to the National Assessor level.

To become a Provincial Assessor, a candidate:
  • Must be nominated by their respective Provincial/Territorial Squash Association;
  • Must be a ‘Provincial’ or ‘National’ Referee;
  • Must complete the Assessor Training Course found at Squash Canada Officials website;
  • Must pass the Assessor Training Course exam by attaining at least an 80% mark;
  • Must attend a consultation session with a National Assessor for a complete review of the full Rules Clinic to the satisfaction of the Assessor – all in preparation for a shared clinic presentation;
  • Must share the presentation of a Rules Clinic with the same Assessor – and be assessed in that role to the satisfaction of the Assessor;
  • Must be assessed by a National assessor while conducting an assessment of a Referee seeking a ‘Local’ signature.
  • Conduct Rules Clinics in cooperation with their Provincial/Territorial Associations.
  • Assess and upgrade other Referees up to their own level of certification.
  • Given that a “National Assessor” must first be a “Provincial Assessor”, all the stated functions of a “Provincial Assessor” may therefore be performed by a “National Assessor”.
Following successful completion of the requirements to become a Provincial Assessor, an Assessor can continue on to become a National Assessor.

To become a National Assessor, a candidate:
  • Must be an active National Official,
  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience as a Provincial Assessor,
  • Must have been nominated for appointment by the Squash Canada Officiating Committee,
  • Must pass an assessment by another NA while performing an assessment and subsequent debriefing of a candidate seeking a National signature.
  • Assess and upgrade officials to the ‘National’ level
  • Certify new Provincial and National Assessors
  • Assist in the reviewing and updating of technical materials used in the Squash Canada Officiating Program
Singles Officiating Resources

Visit the Squash Canada Officials website (requires a profile and log-in to access) for up-to-date information, program changes, standard forms, training materials, etc. as well as track your assessments and progression as a Squash Canada Referee and/or Assessor.

Administrative Resources

Increase your understanding of Squash Canada’s Officiating Program and the certification and quality control processes with the following resources:

Technical Resources

Technical Forms

To access these forms please visit the Squash Canada Officials website:

  • Assessor-Candidate Evaluation (for Assessor)
  • Assessor-Candidate Evaluation (for Presenter)
  • Clinic Presentation Report Form
  • Clinic Presentation Report Form – Supplementary Sheet
  • Provincial Assessor Nomination Form
Officiating News

Officiating news, event information and opportunities for advancement through your Provincial/Territorial and National Association.

Behind The Glass – Singles Officiating Newsletter – April 2023
* For past editions of the BTG Newsletter please visit the Squash Canada Officials website

World Squash Officiating

Squash Canada and the Squash Canada Officiating Committee (SCOC) recognize the value of the WSO especially in terms of advancing talented officials to World Levels, such as with the WSO Level 4 and 5. The SCOC will liaise with the WSO to encourage officials to migrate to the WSO process immediately upon reaching National status in Canada. Certification of officials through the Club, Local, Provincial and National levels will remain the purview of the SCOC. Officials are free, of course, to utilize the WSO in parallel at any point in their progression and the SCOC will encourage such officials.