2010 Barry Faguy, Montreal, QC

Barry has been involved for many years in officiating, provincially, nationally, & internationally. He’s head of officiating in Quebec, a Canadian A-1 official since 1992, and a WSF International Referee since 1996 -a continuous run which ends this year.
He was a member of the executive of Squash Canada Officiating Committee for ten years, until he reached the first term limit. After obligatorily sitting out one year, Barry was re-elected a few years ago.

Barry has participated as an official in all four Pan American Games where Squash has been included since 1995. He has attended dozens of PSA & WISPA events on the formal calendar, acting as TR and officiating for countless local events in the Montreal area. He has officiated outside of Canada in a number of countries, including Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Denmark, Qatar, and the USA.

Barry has contributed to numerous Officiating Committee projects over the years, as well as being the editor of “The Squash Official” newsletter for the past 16 seasons. Finally, he is currently a member of the WSF Rules sub-committee that is presently reviewing the rules of the game.