Stage 1: Active Start, Ages 0-6 males </p><br /><p>and females

Key Objectives

Healthy lifestyle for life, Active involvement in squash (retention and adult onset or initiation).


Clubs and community recreation programs.


Club coaches/professionals and community recreation instructors.



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Training to Competition Ratio

• Specific to each individual. The ratio is dependent on individual goals.
• Masters level competition is an integral part of squash in Canada.
• Many age group athletes will follow training to competition ratios similar to competitive athletes as they prepare for National and International age group competition.
• A significant number of players will not adopt a specific ratio and continue to participate in the sport of squash as part of their commitment to healthy active living.


• None specified for this stage.


• Technical development will be dependent on the athlete’s past experience, current desire and goals.


• Tactical considerations depend on the goals of each player.


• Largely an issue of keeping active for life.
• Different players may have specific objectives (competitive or not).




• Encourage an awareness of the mind/body connection.
• Avoid negative self-talk.
• Encourage regular participation through goal setting.
• Develop focusing and relaxation techniques to help maintain concentration and control arousal levels in match play.
• Use imagery to reinforce physical skill acquisition, enhance strategic play, and to help motivate.
• Goal setting will be dependent on the individual squash player’s level of competition.
• Players competing in Masters squash tournaments should follow the same steps as the younger competitive players.

Ancillary Skills

• Players maintain general habits and practices aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• Specific interventions may be taken depending upon level of play and other individual requirements.


• World Masters Games
• Provincial and National age groups
• Interclub
• NSO, PSO and Regional
• Coaching, officiating and volunteering
• Doubles