Nick Sachvie

St. Catharines, ON
Toronto Athletic Club
Chris Sachvie
Harrow, Commercial Cleaning Services
Key Results: 
  • Semi-finalist Sudbury PSA 10k 2016
  • Semi-finalist Toronto Guilfoyle PSA 2016
  • Gold medalist (Team Ontario) Canadian Team Championships 2016
  • Quarter-finalist Saskatoon Boast PSA 2015
National Team Results: 
  • Champion at Canadian Nationals 2017
  • 6th at Canadian Nationals 2016 (first nationals in 6 years)

Current PSA Ranking: 96 (last month 100)

career high - 64

 #SquadGoals: 15 question interview with Nick Sachvie

Racquet: Harrow Vibe
Clothing: Harrow
Based in (what city): Toronto, Ontario
Right or left handed: Right handed
Hobbies: Outdoor activities, cuddling, professional sports, comedic activities
Favourite tournament: Nash Cup
Favourite player: Greg Gaultier
Role model growing up: Mike Tyson
Favourite match you’ve played: Sudbury PSA - beating Shawn Delierre. Felt good to beat someone who has been the top Canadian and a successful player on the (PSA) tour.
When did you start playing: Age 4
When did you start playing professionally on the PSA World Tour: 2014 (full-time)
Favourite shot: Forehand kill
Favourite quote: Better luck next year
Any schooling (uni/college/personal training/etc): Cornell University

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