1983 Harald A.R. Martin, Montreal, QC

Harald was born in 1908 in Hamilton Ontario. He attended Highfield (now Hillfield‐Strathallan) in Hamilton, then onto the University of Toronto before moving to Montreal in 1934. It was here that he became renowned as a squash player. He was the Quebec Singles Champion from 1936‐1938 and again in 1948. He finished as runner‐up in 1935, 1938 and 1939. Harald also shared the Canadian Doubles Championship in 1936. In 1955, at age 47, Harald Martin won the Canadian Veteran Singles Title. From 1955‐1958, he was co‐winner of the Canadian Veteran Doubles Championship. From 1948‐1950, he was the President of the Canadian Squash and Racquetball Association (CSRA) where he became known as a great coach. Soon after the Second World War Harald Martin began teaching at McGill University. From 1950‐1958, his teams never lost a match to any other Canadian University! Harald taught squash at McGill and also coached at the Montreal Badminton and Squash Club and the YMCA. In the spring of 1991, health reasons forced him to retire from the game. Harald was always known for his great interest and commitment to good sportsmanship. The Harald Martin Trophy is a tribute to a man dedicated to the game of squash as a player, coach and administrator. Since 1951, the Harald Martin Trophy has been presented to the Ontario Universities Athletics Association (OUAA) Intercollegiate Squash Team Champions. It was first presented in 1951 by the University Squash Club. Harald was also in the forefront of organizing the Canadian activities of the Jester’s Club. This club, which now operates virtually everywhere in the world where Great Britain was historically involved, encourages the promotion of the five racquet games (squash racquets, Rugby Fives, Eton Fives, Tennis (Court Tennis) and Rackets) and focuses on the teaching of new players and young people. Harald was one of the first Canadians invited to join the Jester’s Club in the United Kingdom. He was instrumental in forming the Canadian branch and was one of its first presidents. Since that time, the Jester’s Club in Canada has spread across the Country with branches in every major Canadian City.

Information retrieved from the Official Site of McGill Athletics and Recreation