Yvon Provencal Receives Community NCCP Coach Developer Award

Squash Canada coach Yvon Provencal has been recognized with a 2021 Community NCCP Coach Developer Award as one of Canada’s most deserving and influential Coach Developers as part of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) annual awards.

These awards recognize outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond to inspire and develop National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) coaches in their community. Yvon was recognized for his work in the sport of squash. The award was presented this past Sunday December 12th, 2021, during the 2021 Canadian Junior Open presented by Forthlane Partners.

Yvon has been an invaluable asset for the Squash Canada Coaching Program for many years. In his role as a Master Coach Developer, he has led the development of coaches in Quebec for 20+ years as well as across Canada. He continues to be a ‘go to’ person for many of Canada’s up and coming coaches whether at the grassroots level to high performance. The level of respect that coaches have for his vast knowledge in the coaching world is unmatched. For example, Yvon has and continues to preach to Canada’s high-performance players about becoming a Certified Coach in the NCCP. The time and dedication to this task is not always easy but has played a major role in Squash Canada being able to transition top players into future top coaches with the appropriate training and certification.

“Yvon’s role as a Coach Developer in Quebec and in Canada cannot be understated. He has dedicated much of his life to squash – as a coach of juniors and high-level players, as well as a Coach Developer”, stated Janet MacLeod, Chair of the Squash Canada Coaching Committee. “In his coaching lifetime, he has witnessed and been part of many changes to the Coaching Development process and has remained current. He works to ensure our sport maintains a standard of excellence not only in the coaching of it but also in the development of the individuals who will become the coaches delivering the course content.”

“Yvon Provencal has invested considerable time and energy into developing and educating NCCP coaches, which has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on their community,” said Natalie Rumscheidt, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Coaching Association of Canada. “He is a proven leader who is an invaluable resource and mentor for aspiring coaches. We are honoured to present Yvon Provencal with a 2021 Community NCCP Coach Developer Award.”

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