Canadian Squash Leaders Gather Virtually for 2023 Annual Meeting and Awards

The leaders of the Canadian squash community gathered virtually on June 17th for the 2023 Squash Canada Annual General Meeting and Awards. This legally required meeting allows our membership to gather to discuss and approve several formal motions such as annual financial reports, appointment of auditors, elections to the Board and more.  The key highlights from the AGM were the election of Bob Ferguson (ON) as the new Vice President, Finance, as well as the re-election of Faheem Gwadry (BC) to the Board of Directors as a Director at Large.

Statement from Squash Canada President Sandra Thompson:

“Many thanks to all who were able to attend our virtual Squash Canada Annual General Meeting. Squash Canada would like to take another opportunity to congratulate the special contributors to our sport, the recipients of the Certificate of Appreciation, Certificate of Excellence, and Certificate of Achievement. We are very grateful to the ongoing contributions from our many volunteers at the local, provincial/territorial, and national levels. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest VP, Finance, Bob Ferguson; our gratitude to Faheem Gwadry, who is transition from VP, Finance to Director at Large on the Board of Directors; and a sincere thank you to out-going Board member, Lisa Henderson, for her contribution and dedication to the Board and sport of squash in Canada.

We look forward to moving forward in the upcoming season with another full calendar of events and programming from the local grassroots level all the way to top level international competition.”

Director at Large Faheem Gwadry, Vancouver, British Columbia

Mr. Gwadry has served as the VP Finance for the past year and a half. He has developed a strong understanding of the financial systems of Squash Canada and an articulate contributor at the board level. He has a strong squash background with his children participating at the highest level of events. Faheem worked as a board member for Squash BC prior to coming to Squash Canada.

Vice President, Finance Bob Ferguson, Toronto, Ontario

Mr. Ferguson has expertise in financial accounting, internal controls, project management, financial planning, and budgeting. He is a CPA and has specialized in Forensic Accounting. He has served on a variety of not-for-profit boards in governance roles. Bob has been an active squash player for 40 years and is excited to help squash grow in Canada.

“I am honoured to be able to serve the squash community in the role of Vice President, Finance,” said Bob Ferguson, newly elected as VP Finance to the Squash Canada Board of Directors. “I have a strong background in accounting, internal controls and working with not-for-profit organizations. I look forward to working with the board and our new CEO, Jamie Nicholls, to build the sport of squash and develop the game at all levels.”

Squash Canada handed out some virtual hardware immediately following the AGM, in the annual Awards Celebration that recognizes some of the great achievements and incredible volunteers who gave their time, effort and passion to growing the game across the country, while recognizing the on-court excellence achieved by some of our most talented athletes on the international scene.

Certificate of Achievement Award
Recognizing significant ongoing contribution to squash at the Provincial/Territorial level.

Alberta – Ron Coggan

Ron has been a long-standing member of Squash Alberta in Calgary as a player, team builder, organizer, promoter, cheer leader and an extremely engaged volunteer over the past 20+ years. He founded the Bow Valley Squash Foundation in Banff to bring squash to the local Indigenous youth and has recently expanded the program to include new Canadians in the region. Ron has also served on the Board for the Calgary Interclub Squash League as President, Club Rep, Rules Committee member, and the Community Outreach Liaison.

British Columbia – Squash BC Partnership Committee

The Squash BC Partnership Committee has been the driving force behind Squash BC’s Growth Initiative. This volunteer group collectively raised $452,000 in donor funding to support their new programs and initiatives. Also, they were instrumental in developing the vision for the Growth Initiative and building the strategic resource plan that is making it a reality. This group has now completed their term with Squash BC, but their impact will be felt for many years to come.

Manitoba – Peter Reimer

In 2018, Peter was the founding member Chair of the Jesters Foundation of the Manitoba Chapter, which has since set up youth programming in the province. He has been involved in many committees for both Squash Manitoba and Squash Canada; Peter joined the Squash Manitoba Board in 2018 and has been Vice President the last three years and is currently running for President in 2023. Similarly, he served on the Winnipeg Squash Racquet Club Board from 2013-2021.

New Brunswick – Hugh MacKay

Hugh has demonstrated his passion for athletes by starting a new league in Saint John and resurrecting a squash program there as well, while also organizing many squash clinics in New Brunswick. Hugh also volunteered his time with the Squash New Brunswick Board of Directors at the end of the season.

Northwest Territories – Alex Godfrey

Alex’s dedication to squash goes beyond his regular participation in weekly squash events such as Thirsty Thursday, league night, and his role as Secretary on the Board. Alex shows his unwavering commitment to coaching the junior learn-to-play squash program. He willingly gives up his time and expertise to nurture and guide aspiring young players, imparting not only the technical skills of the game but also fostering their love and passion for squash. Alex’s passion for the game shines through in his coaching, and the time he dedicates to honing his own skills. He is an exceptional player, mentor, and role model for others, inspiring them to embrace the values and spirit of squash.

Nova Scotia – Josh Rudolph

Josh has been involved in squash for over 20 years, first as a successful junior player and now as a coach. He heads the junior squash programming in Nova Scotia, including hosting clinics at his home club and coaching Team Nova Scotia at the most recent Canada Winter Games. Josh has been a key asset in the development of squash in Nova Scotia. He is dedicated to championing junior squash players and has contributed to improving the overall quality of squash in the province.

Ontario – Faheem Tejani

Faheem has been an integral supporter of Squash Ontario since 2018. His three children are all avid junior players and his passion to help grow the game is evident to all who have the pleasure of meeting him. As President of Mortgage Company of Canada Inc., the company has sponsored numerous tournaments and events, including the 2021 and 2022 Ontario Junior Championships, as well as supported the Junior Silver Circuit throughout the past three seasons. His contributions have ensured we can provide players with excellent value and positive experiences.

Prince Edward Island – Andrew Avery

Andrew’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment have significantly elevated the quality and growth of squash in the Squash PEI community. Through his role as an official, he has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the rules and regulations of squash, ensured fair play and maintaining the integrity of the game. As an executive, Andrew has exhibited exceptional leadership skills, guiding the development and advancement of squash in Prince Edward Island. His strategic vision, organizational abilities, and tireless efforts have led to the successful execution of numerous initiatives, including tournaments, training programs, and community outreach events.

Quebec – Anne-Christine Lajoie

In two years as Vice President on the Board of Directors of Squash Quebec, Anne-Christine has been involved in numerous projects aimed at energizing the squash community. Her influence on the women’s committee has been considerable, thanks to her participation in various initiatives encouraging female participation in the sport. Within the Board of Directors, Anne-Christine distinguished herself through her active involvement in the development of the organization’s first communication plan, and contribution to several projects aimed at increasing the visibility of squash. She perfectly embodies the fundamental values of the squash discipline, such as sportsmanship, voluntary commitment, and excellence, always with a contagious smile. Her passion and dedication are a source of inspiration for everyone around her.

Yukon – Lori Mui

Lori has been a member of Squash Yukon for more than 20 years and has always given her best contribution to the community. She makes a huge difference in encouraging and supporting the women and juniors by being part of practices, clinics, tournaments, leagues and cheering on everyone. Lori has been an outstanding volunteer, volunteering as a bookkeeper for the past 16 years. As well, Lori is a certified referee and brings a great deal of knowledge and professionalism to her refereeing and always brings her positive energy to the courts.

Certificate of Appreciation Award
Squash Canada paid special recognition to several individuals who have made a significant contribution over the years to the sport of squash in Canada.

  • Matt Easingwood, Tournament Chair – 2022 Canadian Junior Open
  • Darrin Manley, Tournament Referee – 2022 Canadian Junior Open
  • Thomas King and Colin King, Tournament Co-Chairs – 2023 Canadian Men’s and Women’s Teams Championships
  • Steve Bachiu, Tournament Referee – 2023 Canadian Men’s and Women’s Teams Championships
  • Squash PEI Board – 2023 Canadian Master’s Teams Championship
  • Chris Mills, Tournament Referee – 2023 Canadian Master’s Teams Championship
  • Jeremy Stiles, Sport Lead – 2023 Canada Winter Games
  • Chris Mills and Curtis Gillespie, Tournament Referees – 2023 Canada Winter Games
  • Reiko Peter and Diane Naughton, Tournament Co-Chairs – 2023 Canadian Doubles Championship
  • Cathy Tuckwell and Mark Warren, Tournament Referees – 2023 Canadian Doubles Championship
  • Darren Thomson and Dean Brown, Tournament Co-Chairs – 2023 Canadian Men’s Open
  • Yvon Provencal and David Phillips, Tournament Co-Chairs – 2023 Canadian Junior Closed and Canadian Squash Championships
  • Viano Oghenekevwe, Tournament Referee – 2023 Canadian Junior Closed and Canadian Squash Championships
  • Barry Faguy – 30+ years as a member of Squash Canada Singles Officiating Committee

Award of Excellence
Squash Canada paid tribute to those who have achieved excellence in squash internationally. These athletes were honoured for finding a way to carry-on high-level training despite a global pandemic and competing in elite Professional Squash Association (PSA) events that continued their steep rise in world rankings.

  • 2022 Commonwealth Games: Hollie Naughton – Silver, Women’s Individual
  • 2022 Pan American Junior Championship: Ewan Harris and Raya Singh – Bronze, Mixed Doubles; Aleeza Khan and Maddison Laine – Bronze, Women’s Doubles; Aleeza Khan, Maddison Laine, Leah McGillicuddy, and Raya Singh – Bronze, Women’s Team
  • 2023 Pan American Senior Championship: Hollie Naughton – Gold, Women’s Individual; Liam Marrison and Sydney Maxwell – Gold, Mixed Doubles; Nicole Bunyan, Sydney Maxwell, Hollie Naughton, and Nikole Todd – Silver, Women’s Team