Squash Canada Announces Format Change for Open Event at Canadian Squash Championships

    In an effort to make matches more meaningful and competitive and to reduce the number of matches for those who reach the semis and finals so that the level of play in latter stages remains at its highest, a review of the Open Event at Nationals was conducted. The review was initiated partially after feedback from the athletes at our July National Camp. Athlete Director, Andrew McDougall and athlete reps, Sam Cornett (ON) and Mike McCue (ON) gave their thoughts and a new format for the Open draws will come into effect for the 2017 Nationals to be held at Mayfair Lakeshore in Toronto, 3-6 May, 2017. 
    Some key features include:
    • The main draw is capped at 16 players.
    • If more than 16 players register, a qualification round capped at 16 will be held to fill 4 qualifier spots.  The qualifying round will be held the day prior to the start of the main draw (May 2).
    • Players in the qualification round who do not advance to the main draw will carry on in the Canadian Championship ‘A’ Category.
    • Play off all positions in the main draw from 1 to 16, with possible consequences for main draw in-tournament withdrawals, defaults or retirements
    • Earlier entry deadline of 45 days prior (March 19) in order to determine who qualifies for direct entry into the main draw, and who may need to make travel plans to arrive a day early for the qualifier.
    National Team representative Mike McCue appreciates the initiative; “I'm very happy that SC has taken athlete feedback on board regarding the Nationals draw format! This will undoubtedly increase the prestige of competing in the ‘Open’ draw and improve the quality of matches in the top 16.”
    The new format/regulations are available here: