Squash Canada Celebrates the Second Annual Squash Day in Canada in conjunction with World Squash Day

    Join Us October 13 as Squash Canada Celebrates the Second Annual Squash Day in Canada in conjunction with World Squash Day

    Join Us October 13 as Squash Canada Celebrates the Second Annual Squash Day in Canada in conjunction with World Squash Day
    Squash is more than 4 walls and a ball – squash, named the “healthiest sport” by Forbes Magazine, is so much more than what the four walls of the court can contain. 
    On October 13, Canadians – young and young at heart – are encouraged to head down to their local Squash court and join in on the fun and excitement of “thinking outside the box” to grow the game for Squash Day in Canada (SDIC) 2018. 
    SDIC 2018 gives every club the opportunity to be as creative as they like. In addition to partnering with schools and youth groups, and various sports clubs, we would love to see clubs engaging with major employers to promote the well-known health benefits of squash.  
    As well as hosting Open Days to attract newcomers to squash, many clubs have empty courts during daytime or off-peak hours. We can also "think outside the box" to become more involved with our local communities. What better way to serve your local community than by engaging with youth organizations to help underprivileged young people (the homeless or unemployed, for example) and offer them free use of those courts. 
    When not on the court, Squash provides you with a sense of community and of belonging. Participants are encouraged to join their fellow squash players for a post-match chat, watch others play and learn more about the sport.
    The minute you step on the court you become a part of the community, part of the Canadian Squash family that reaches far outside the walls of the court.
    Whether brand new or a seasoned vet, Squash boasts many positive attributes outside of the game itself.  For the young, squash teaches skills of critical thinking, concentration, problem-solving and fun. For the young at heart it promotes the fun of being active and builds a sense of community.
    So, whether for the health benefits or the life benefits, join us October 13 for Squash Day in Canada.
    Want to hit the courts with your fellow Canadians on October 13? Participating is easy! Canadians are encouraged to simply play squash on ‘Squash Day in Canada’, at a participating club/facility. The goal of SDIC 2018 is to have 100 clubs from all provinces and territories offering free activities, making the sport more accessible than ever on October 13. People of all ages, experience, and abilities can take part.
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    For more information on Squash Day in Canada and World Squash Day visit http://www.squash.ca/en/SquashDayInCanada
    Are you a club or facility wanting to get involved? For more details on how you can take part, visit http://www.squash.ca/en/SquashDayInCanada
    Launched in 2017, as part of ParticipACTION’s 150 Play List celebrating Canada’s 150, Squash Day in Canada (SDIC) began as a way to spread the love of sport and the love of squash to Canadians nationwide. SDIC aims to promote the game of squash to all Canadians, whether their first time or 100th time and is the chance to swing a racquet in celebration of this healthy, fun and accessible activity suitable for all ages and abilities. For more information on Squash Day in Canada visit http://www.squash.ca/en/SquashDayInCanada 
    World Squash Day is a global campaign to promote the sport of squash. World Squash Day 2018 and beyond will focus on attracting new players to the sport and helping disadvantaged young people rebuild their lives through sport. For more information and how other nations are getting involved, visit https://www.facebook.com/WorldSquashDay/
    Founded in 1915, Squash Canada is a non-profit, national sport governing body responsible for the development of athletes, coaches and officials and sets the standards for Canadian squash. Squash Canada is a proud member of the Pan-American and World Squash Federations and participates in the Pan-American Championships, Commonwealth & Pan-Am Games as well as World Championships at the junior and senior level. Each year Squash Canada hosts nine national championships across the country and works with its provincial and territorial partners to promote the growth and development of squash across the country.  For more information, visit www.squash.ca.  Join the conversation, get social with squash – follow Squash Canada on Facebook and Twitter