The resource section provides access to a large volume of videos, articles, and guides that will help coaches and parents better assist athletes as they progress through the LTAD pathway.




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Long Term Athlete Development: A Sport Parent’s Guide 

Long Term Athlete Development Information for Parents

10 Key Factors of Long Term Athlete Development

Active for Life YouTube Videos

Information for Parents

Play Activities- The First Year of Life

Play Activities- Ages 1 to 3

For 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds

Play Activities- Ages 3 – 6

Developing Agility, Balance, and Coordination (ABC’s)

Encouraging Different Types of Play

Helping Children Play- The Adult Role

Normal Childhood Development of Physical Skills

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Coaching: The Basics

Coaching Masters Athletes

Coaching Squash Link 1  Link 2

Long Term Athlete Development

Monitoring Growth in Long Term Athlete Development

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Development Characteristics and Long Term Athlete Development

10 Key Factors of Long Term Athlete Development

10 S’s of Trainability

Tactics and Strategy in Squash

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Kids Eat Smart- Canada’s Food Guide

Kids Eat Smart- Nutrition Tips

Kids Eat Smart- Picky Eaters

Sport Nutrition for Young Athletes

Nutrition Tips for Parents

Training Diet Tips

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