1984 Sharif Khan, Toronto, ON

Son of the legendary Hashim Khan, Sharif was awarded a squash scholarship at Millfield School, Somerset, England at the age of 11. By 1962, the young squash prodigy had won every public school title open to him.

For a decade and a half (late ‘70s to early ‘80s), Sharif Khan dominated all with a squash racquet. He remained the reigning wizard of squash in North American for almost two decades. He won every major North American tournament during that period and holds the twelve-time winning record for the North American Open Championship.

Sharif moved to Toronto in 1968, at the Skyline Racquet Club. He continued playing from Toronto, his home base, retiring from competition in 1982.

He continues to be actively involved in coaching and promoting squash in Toronto. He is Director of the Sharif Khan Children’s Squash Foundation, affiliated with the Big Brothers and Sisters of Peel. In November 2000, Sharif was named the Honorary Chairman for the YMG Classic in Toronto.

Now president of Pros and Khans Sports Marketing, Sharif has expanded his business and squash projects to include hosting a tournament package in Barbados as well as future plans for a professional tour for squash in North America.

Information retrieved from the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame