1986 Susan Swift, Toronto, ON

Susan’s contributions to squash in Ontario and in Canada have been many and varied and were made over an extensive period of time. She was instrumental in bringing the three fractious factions of squash in Ontario (men’s hardball, men’s soft ball and women) together to form Squash Ontario in 1976. She had been involved as a volunteer since 1971 and was President of the Ontario Ladies Squash Racquets Association during these formative years. The OLSRA was the only group to have its act together in those days, and under Sue’s leadership, had already laid the groundwork for a number of significant initiatives which enhanced not only women’s squash but squash in general.

Sue had gone to England to confer with the Women’s Squash Rackets Association there to help her develop programs for use in Ontario for both coaching and officiating. These were ultimately adopted by nearly all the squash associations in Canada. Sue was on the first crucial Board of Directors of Squash Ontario that was responsible for establishing the office, hiring an Executive Director and “calming the still choppy waters of amalgamation”.
Not satisfied with the work done on the provincial level, Sue used her considerable skills to full advantage on many committees at the national level culminating in her election as President of the Canadian Squash Racquets Association, the predecessor of Squash Canada, in 1981.

Also in 1981, Sue chaired the organizing committee of the Women’s World Championships that were being held in North America for the first time. The event was a tremendous success and established Canada as a serious international host of major world events.
Sue was also instrumental in creating and organizing the inaugural Ontario Mixed Doubles Championships.

In 1986, Sue was awarded the prestigious Special Achievement Award by the Province of Ontario for her outstanding contribution to her sport (83 nominations province-wide were received that year and only 3 chosen).

In short, very few squash volunteers have made the kind of contributions in so many ways and for so many years as had Susan Swift.

Information retrieved from the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame