Team Canada Announced for the 2023 WSF World Junior Championships in Melbourne, Australia

Squash Canada has unveiled the highly anticipated team that will represent the nation at the prestigious 2023 WSF World Junior Championships in Melbourne, Australia. The event will be held from July 18th to 29th and will consist of Men’s and Women’s Individual competition and the World Junior Women’s Team Championships. The athletes below will compete in the Individual Championships.

Junior Women

  • Ananya Maheshwari (ON)
  • Hermione Cao (BC)
  • Iman Shaheen (ON)
  • Maria Min (BC)
  • Ocean Ma (BC)
  • Spring Ma (BC)

Junior Men

  • Daniel Deverill (ON)
  • Faazil Khan (ON)
  • Jacob Lin (BC)
  • Michael Knapp (AB)
  • Wasey Maqsood (ON)
  • Youssef Sarhan (QC)

Iman Shaheen, Maria Min, Ocean Ma, and Spring Ma will represent Canada in the Team Championships.

The team will be led by coaches Tyler Osborne (ON) and Victoria Lust (BC).

“I’m extremely grateful to be selected to play in the Team Event,” said Iman Shaheen, Bronze Medalist of the 2023 Canadian Junior Closed Championships and one of the members of the 2023 WSF World Junior Women’s Team event. “Competing again with Team Canada was one of the things I’ve been anticipating all year after my individuals in Nancy were over. It was a surreal experience last year, and I’m very excited to be able to play the Team event in Australia. This team is amazing: Ocean, Spring, and Maria are all fantastic individuals as well as players; they’re extremely talented and hardworking, so I feel lucky to be able to play alongside them in this major event, and to deliver a good result for our team.”

The WSF World Junior Squash Championships is a pinnacle event that gathers the finest young talents from across the globe. Being able to compete in the 2023 World Junior Squash Championships is truly a dream come true for our Canadian junior athletes, as they seize the chance to leave a lasting mark on the global squash community and pave the way for a promising future in the sport.