LTAD Stages: Stage 6 Training to Win

Key Objectives
Maximize sport specific preparation. Finish on the podium!

National and Provincial Training Programs.

NCCP level 4 coaches.

Total Hours Training & Competition
25 hours (including video sessions, warm-up and cool down)

Training to Competition Ratio

• 25% training and 75% competition (25% tournament play, 25% practice matches, 25% competitive drills). International competition is the major component of the athlete’s calendar planning for competition. The athlete must schedule training and recovery around the international calendar.


• Multiple periodization taking into account international competition schedule and world championships.


• Refine all skills
• Execute technique under pressure
• Stay current by watching other top players
• Borrow technique
• Maximize squash-specific skills while pursuing podium finishes


• Raise the base: increase performance when operating at 75% of peak performance.


• The player’s physical systems and structures continue to mature.
• Training is likely to move to highly individualistic and high performance squash-specific preparation.
• Multi-year and single-year planning will be required to ensure optimal management of the player’s training-competition-recovery schedule.
• Regardless of the stage in the training-competition-recovery schedule, an underlying ‘base’ of physical capacities will be maintained at all times.


• Players should be aiming for complete mental toughness and full psychological awareness.
• Focus on performing under pressure.
• Players demonstrate full self-control over emotions and an ability to deal with distractions or difficult/unforeseen situations (e.g., playing with minor injuries, breaking a racquet).
• Players show an ability to control self confidence and keep it at optimal level (i.e., confident but not over-confident).
• Players continue to have both short-term and long-term goals that are specific and attainable.
• Unforced errors should be at an absolute minimum.
• Players use advanced imagery for all settings and purposes.
• Players completely focus on their squash performance and winning.

Ancillary Skills

• Clear nutritional strategies are in place.
• Specific elements deal with training camps, travel, foreign countries and recovery.
• Warm-up, cool-down and recovery activities are well-defined and integrated into the player’s overall program.


• National Senior squad
• National Senior team
• Pan American Championships
• Pan American Games
• Commonwealth Games
• World Championships (Senior)