Wayne Smith Reappointed WSF Referee


Ottawa (ON) – Wayne Smith, one of Canada’s most influential squash referees, has been reappointed as a World Squash Federation (WSF) Referee. Smith rejoins Graham Waters as the only two Canadians out of the 20 WSF referees.

Smith was born in New Zealand and has had a tremendous tenure as a squash referee, acting a panelist for the restructuring of Canada’s Officiating Program in 2013. Smith has held the position of Tournament Referee for numerous national and professional events in Canada, such as the 2015 Canadian Squash Championships. He has also been involved in many international events abroad, such as Women’s World, The Tournament of Champions and many Junior Events.

Smith has also been very proactive in attaining people interested in refereeing squash and getting them “behind the clipboard”.

Thank you for your contributions and congratulations Wayne!

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