New NCCP Community Sport Stream to launch in early 2023 as part of the Squash Canada Coaching Program

The Squash Canada Coaching Committee continues the important work of developing new coaching resources and is pleased to provide a new training and education pathway for community level coaches. The newly developed NCCP Community Sport Stream, as well as additional requirements to the NCCP Instruction and Competitive Streams, will further align the Squash Canada Coaching Program with NCCP and the Long-Term Development model. We are committed to ensuring that our coach education is accessible and attainable to a broad range of coaching interests and needs.

“Squash Canada is thrilled to announce the launch of a new National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Community Sport Stream as part of the Coaching Program to be officially rolled out in early 2023,” said Janet MacLeod, Chair of the Squash Canada Coaching Committee. “This new pathway will reach a new group of coaches to help deliver the fundamentals of squash coaching at the grassroots level in local communities across Canada.”

NCCP Community Sport Stream

Who does this new pathway target? Gym teachers, juniors, squash-playing parents, B-C-D-E league level players that may be delivering unstructured programs for recreational players of all ages and abilities.

This new pathway will allow community level coaches to become a ‘Trained’ Community Squash Instructor by attending a one-day in-person Community Squash Instructor course as well as complete the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions course and NCCP Coach Initiation in Sport eLearning module. It is important to note that this pathway does not lead to certification and those that become ‘Trained’ are encouraged to coach under the guidance of a Certified Coach (where feasible).

Squash Canada in conjunction with Provincial/Territorial Squash Associations will be announcing upcoming Community Squash Instructor courses in the coming weeks. To view upcoming coaching courses – Click Here.


The Squash Canada Coaching Program aligns the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) with the Long-Term Development model (Beyond the Nick). This program is designed to ensure that coaches are professionally trained and certified to develop athletes in the best way possible. Each coach pathway has various requirements to progress coaches through the NCCP training and certification Pathway: In Training, Trained and Certified.

In conjunction with the launch of the new Community Sport Stream, the Squash Canada Coaching Committee continues to conduct a review of all coach pathways noted below. It is important for coaches to understand that the NCCP is not linear, which means a coach may enter any Coach Pathway.  Coaches should determine what kind of coaching you want to do and what kind of athletes you want to work with prior to selecting the applicable Coach Pathway.

Squash Canada Coach Pathways:

  • Community Sport – Initiation stream – Click Here
  • Instruction – Beginners stream (formerly Introduction to Squash) – Click Here
  • Instruction – Intermediate stream – Click Here
  • Competition – Introduction stream – Click Here
  • Competition – Development stream – Click Here

Reminder: The ‘Coaching in Squash’ eLearning module is a mandatory prerequisite to attend a Coaching Foundations, Intermediate Coaching and/or Provincial Coaching course and is strongly recommended for those attending the new Community Squash Instructor course. Cost is $35 and is available through the CAC Locker – Click Here.

Coaches are strongly encouraged to complete all unfinished training and evaluation requirements – if you require assistance, please contact Squash Canada via Geoffrey Johnson, Director of Sport Development at