Canada Takes Lapham Cup, USA Captures Grant Trophy & Crawford Cup

The 2018 edition of the historic Lapham Grant hit the courts of Chicago, IL from April 19 to April 22.  Each country fielded a roster of 63 players, which combine to make the Lapham Grant, Lawrence-Wilkins and Crawford Teams.
Each year the two countries look to edge out their opponent in hopes of sweeping the four prestigious titles. 2018 saw Team USA capture the Grant Trophy and Crawford Cup, while Team Canada won their way to the Lapham Cup. The ever-competitive Lawrence Wilkens Cup was split right down the middle as the masters put on a master class each winning 13 matches. 

LAPHAM Singles Matches CDN 18, USA 10
GRANT Doubles Matches CDN 14, USA 17
LAWRENCE WILKENS (Over 65+) Singles & Doubles Matches CDN 13 & USA 13
CRAWFORD CUP Women’s Singles & Doubles Matches CDN 17, USA 27

2018 Lapham Grant competitors
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