National Coaches Week – September 18-26, 2021 (Coming Soon)

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Coaching professionals not only teach athletes to play sport, they teach lessons that prepare athletes to rise to the many challenges in life. Student athletes learn to excel not only on the playing field but also through the rigors of academic life. Those who choose careers in professional sport learn from their coaches how to win, but also how to learn from losses. Many athletes, inspired by their coaches, will go on to their own professional coaching careers using their former coaches as an example of how they should coach.

More and more is expected of our coaching professionals now than it was a decade ago. Coaching professionals are required to be Safe Sport trained and screened. They must be trained to recognize the signs/symptoms of a concussion and make the difficult decision to pull an athlete from competition when the athlete may be at risk. Nutritional education is also required at the higher coaching certification levels. Coaching professionals invest years and considerable financial resources to advance through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) that is overseen by the Coaching Association of Canada.

We recognize and thank our coaching professionals who give so much more to our athletes than just teaching how to play a sport – they protect, advocate for, and develop our future leaders. — Sandra Thompson, Squash Canada President

“I want to recognize and thank all our squash coaches in Canada – national, provincial and community – for their commitment to achieve, maintain and deliver the excellence of our squash coaching standards. Thank for your diligence, professionalism and enthusiasm as you continue to inspire our young squash athletes.” — Janet MacLeod, Chair of the Squash Canada Coaching Committee