NEW – Coach Education Scholarship Program – Guidelines & Application

    Squash Canada is thrilled to receive financial support from Sport Canada in the form of Recovery Funding to establish coach education scholarships.

    Due to the extended absence of squash caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, upwards of 15 full time squash pros have completely left the profession as well as numerous part-time and volunteer coaches have opted to not return.  This has caused a talent exodus and a shortage of qualified coaches that are key to squash’s recovery and growth.  At the same time, the pandemic has resulted in the retirement of high level players, creating an opportunity to recruit new coaches into the system.

    The Coach Education Scholarship Program is designed to attract new coaches and upgrade qualifications of existing coaches by encouraging them to complete their respective NCCP certification and/or to upgrade their skills/knowledge; all designed to help fill the current gap.  The scholarships will be awarded by application based upon regional need, experience, proposed learning plan, time commitment, etc. and must be used to support their related certification and education, with a signed agreement that commits them to coaching.

    The following priorities and considerations will be made by Squash Canada when determining recipients:

    • Coaches from underserved areas such as but not limited to Atlantic P/Ts, rural communities, etc.
    • Coaches who are full time squash pros and/or national team squad athletes that are not already certified and/or wish to advance in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
    • Coaches willing to financially contribute to their own certification and/or professional development
    • Coaches that are receiving financial support from their club and/or Provincial/Territorial Squash Association to help offset costs
    • Coaches that are committed to completing coach certification by March 31, 2023

    ELIGIBLE EXPENSES: Cost of courses, out of town travel, accommodation, and meals.  Generally, Squash Canada reimbursement will be capped at 75% of each coach development activity.

    INELIGIBLE EXPENSES: Mentoring fees


    • Squash Canada Coach Certification Pathways
    • NCCP Advanced Coaching Diploma – Click Here
    • World Squash (WSF) Coaching – Click Here
    • NCCP Maintenance of Certification – Click Here
    • Coaching Conferences (ie. via P/T Coaching Association, Canadian Sport Institutes, CAC, etc.)


    Coaches that wish to apply for the Coach Education Scholarship Program must submit the attached application form with proposed learning plan and budget to Squash Canada at

    Applications will be accepted up to December 1, 2022. STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS
    ** Applications will be reviewed upon receipt and decisions rendered within 5 business days.

    Successful applicants will be required to cover all costs up front and then submit an Expense Claim Form with corresponding receipts to be eligible for reimbursement via e-transfer and/or electronic funds transfer. Squash Canada will reimburse Coach Development Activities outlined in the approved Learning Plan that are completed by March 31, 2023.

    Important Notes:

    • Coaches must be minimum of 16 years of age or older to meet the NCCP Minimum Age Policy and be eligible to apply.
    • Coaches must be a member in good standing of Squash Canada and their respective Provincial/Territorial Squash Association
    • A support letter/email from a Provincial/Territorial Association regarding an applicant’s commitment to coaching and/or how the candidate will help address an underserved region may benefit an application.
    • Squash Canada will notify both the applicant and respective Provincial/Territorial Squash Association of the decision.

    Guidelines & Application – Click Here