2023 Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors of Squash Canada

(DEADLINE – 19 May 2023, 11:59 pm ET)

Board Composition
In accordance with the provisions of Article 4.1 & 4.2 of By-Law 1 of Squash Canada:

4.1 The Board will consist of six to eight Directors, as follows:
a. A President, elected by the Members at the Annual Meeting to serve a term of three years;
b. A Vice-President Finance, elected by the Members at the Annual Meeting to serve a term of three years;
c. Three to Five Directors-at-Large elected by the Provincial/Territorial Association Members at the Annual Meeting to serve terms of three years; and,
d. One Athlete Director elected by the National Team Athlete Members using an electronic ballot procedure, the results of which will be announced at the Annual Meeting. The Athlete Director will serve a term of three years.

4.2 No Director may serve more than three consecutive terms, inclusive of any term served as President. No person may serve more than two terms as President.

Current Board Terms of Office
The schedule for elected volunteer Board positions is as follows [INCUMBENTS, election status]:

2022 – 2025: (3) Directors at Large [Incumbents: RYAN MORRIS, KIMBERLY WATSON and MARTHA SIMMONS] –NOT up for election in 2023
2021 – 2024: President [SANDRA THOMPSON], (1) Director at Large [ALAN FERN], & (1) Athlete Director [STEPHANIE EDMISON] – NOT up for election.
2020 – 2023: (1) Director at Large [Incumbent LISA HENDERSON] – UP for election
2021 – 2023: (1) VP Finance [Incumbent FAHEEM GWADRY] — UP for election

Positions Up for Election in 2023
The Nominating Committee therefore invites nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors of Squash Canada from 2023 – 2026:

ONE (1) Director at Large positions
ONE (1) VP Finance position

Elections will take place at the Squash Canada Annual General Meeting to be held on 17th June 2023.

Eligibility Criteria
A nominee must meet all the below criteria:
• Be a resident of Canada for not less than three (3) years;
• Be 18 years of age or older, who has the power under law to contract;
• Has not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or in another country;
• Does not have the status of bankrupt;
• Satisfies the requirements of the Canadian Income Tax Act in relation to the eligibility to serve as a director of a registered charity;
• Be a member in good standing of their Provincial or Territorial Squash Association and that Association must be a member in good standing with Squash Canada;
• Is not subject to a disciplinary investigation or action by Squash Canada, or if subject to disciplinary action previously, has fulfilled all terms and conditions of such disciplinary action to the satisfaction of the Squash Canada.

Desired Skills for Squash Canada Board of Directors
Potential candidates for the Board of Directors of Squash Canada should possess a high level of experience and capability in board oversight responsibilities, including specifically the areas of fundraising, finance, marketing, management, not for profit, communications and events. Potential candidates should possess some of the following skills:

• Senior Executive Leadership
• Sports – Athlete
• Sports – Coaching
• Sports – Management
• Knowledge of the Canadian Sport System
• Knowledge of the Sport of Squash and of Squash Canada Programming
• Human Resources
• Communication & Stakeholder Relations
• Financial Literacy
• Risk Management, Oversight
• International Sports or Business
• Strategic and Business Planning
• Corporate Governance
• Information Technology (digital/cyber)
• Sales and Marketing
• Not-for-profit Board Experience
• Corporate Board Experience
• Professional Accounting or Financial Designation
• Legal
• Innovation
• Revenue Generation
• Event Staging/Management
• Bidding & Hosting
• Government Advocacy & Lobbying
• International Relations and Diplomacy
• Professional Qualifications (MD, PhD, MBA, Sport science degree)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Squash Canada’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy was approved and adopted 26 November 2020. The Board has given the Nominating Committee clear direction to make sure the Board reflects the objectives of this Policy.

Nomination Process
• Nominations must be received no later than 11:59 pm ET on May 19, 2023 to the attention of Mark Roberts, CEO by email to; mark.roberts@squash.ca
• The nomination must include all of the following information:
o A completed Squash Canada Nomination Form, a copy of which can be found HERE;
o Support letter and verification of membership from a Provincial/Territorial Member;
o A written letter of recommendation be provided by someone that has known the candidate for at least 5 years and can attest to their professional experience and skills.

If prospective candidates have any questions or wish to discuss the Call for Nominations, they may contact any of the following Squash Canada Nominating Committee members:

Steve Wren, Chair, swren@datacm.com
Martha Simmons, Board Member, marthaesimmons@gmail.com
Gordon Campbell, Provincial/Territorial Squash Association Representative gordon@ghaven.ca
Mark Roberts, CEO (ex-officio) mark.roberts@squash.ca