Baillargeon and Naughton Reign as Canadian National Champions 

Squash Canada saw its best athletes descend on Calgary, Alberta last week to compete at the 2024 AirSprint Private Aviation Canadian Squash Championship. The Championship, which ran from April 30 to May 4, was held at Bow Valley Athletic Club and The Glencoe Club, which featured the all-glass Jonathon Power Court presented by Syra Group. With over 290 participants and 530+ results, the Championship was one of the largest in Squash Canada history. 

The Canadian Squash Championship is highlighted by the Men’s and Women’s Open categories, where Canada’s most talented players took to centre court. Continuing to make history, Hollie Naughton (ON) and David Baillargeon (QC) once again won back-to-back National titles in the Women’s and Men’s Open, respectively. These National titles are Naughton’s fifth (2016, 2017, 2022, 2023, 2024) and Baillargeon’s fourth (2021, 2022, 2023, 2024). Congratulations to Nicole Bunyan (BC) and Connor Turk (AB) for taking home the silver medals, and Nikole Todd (SK) and Graeme Schnell (AB) for capturing the bronze medals in their respective categories. Squash Canada would like to congratulate all the medalists of the 2024 AirSprint Private Aviation Canadian Squash Championship for their well-earned achievements. 

“Very happy to have captured my fifth National title this past weekend,” said Hollie Naughton, Women’s Open Champion. “It’s always a great feeling and means just as much as the first one did. It was fantastic week in Calgary with an energetic crowd! I am happy to get the win as it’s a great confidence boost going into the last 3 events of the PSA season with the next one being the World Championships start May 9.” 

“The level of play, sportsmanship, and passion from the players was inspiring,” shared Amelia Knapp, Tournament Co-chair. “What was equally inspiring was the effort from the volunteers and the Squash Committee both at the Bow Valley Athletic Club and The Glencoe Club. The only way an event like this runs so successfully is the people who know the inside and outs of the schedule, facility, and are willing to give up their time. Congratulations to all competitors on a highly successful event!” 

Squash Canada would like to thank AirSprint Private Aviation, the Government of Alberta, Tourism Calgary, The Glencoe Club, Bow Valley Athletic Club, and our many other generous sponsors and patrons for their support. Squash Canada would also like to recognize the local host committee led by Michael Brook, Rob Birrell and Amelia Knapp, as well as the dedicated volunteers led by Tara Morrison and Becky Ritson-Bennett for their tremendous efforts. Squash Canada also extends a big thank you to the Referee team, led by Tournament Referee Rod McDougall, for their dedication to the sport of squash, their time, and their efforts. Lastly, Squash Canada recognizes The Glencoe Club Squash Department of David Duncalf, Bob Ballinger and Adrian De Vries who displayed their passion, experience, and professionalism in hosting a very successful Canadian National Championships.   

Results via Club Locker Draws: Click Here 

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Women’s Open 

  1. Hollie Naughton (ON) 
  2. Nicole Bunyan (BC) 
  3. Nikole Todd (SK) 

Men’s Open 

  1. David Baillargeon (QC) 
  2. Connor Turk (MB) 
  3. Graeme Schnell (AB) 

Men U23 

  1. Samuel Boulanger (AB) 
  2. Mohamed Kamal (QC) 
  3. Jason Herring (BC) 

Men 30+ 

  1. Anthony Graham (AB) 
  2. Tyler Lee (AB) 
  3. Cory Shannon (AB) 

Men 35+ 

  1. Eric Dingle (AB) 
  2. Paul Oppenheim (AB) 
  3. Trent Jackson (AB) 

Men 40+ 

  1. Alex Scherer (AB) 
  2. Alex Carter (ON) 
  3. Marco Toriz-Caddo (BC) 

Men 45+ 

  1. David Ramsden-Wood (AB) 
  2. Ian Power (AB) 
  3. Trevor Borland (MB) 

Women 50+ 

  1. Kelsey Souchereau (AB) 
  2. Sue McCoy (AB) 
  3. Chantal Milloy (AB) 

Men 50+ 

  1. Ben Thomas (BC) 
  2. Andrew Lynn (BC) 
  3. Jay Anderson (BC) 

Women 55+ 

  1. Phoebe Trubowitz (USA) 
  2. Leslie Cameron (USA) 
  3. Julie Farquhar (AB) 

Men 55+ 

  1. John Musto (USA) 
  2. Pete Goodings (AB) 
  3. Scott Mikalachki (ON) 

Women 60+ 

  1. Julie Multamaki (AB) 
  2. Fiona Curthoys (AB) 
  3. Brenda Cooke (AB) 

Men 60+ 

  1. Mark Sealy (BAR) 
  2. Don Bushuk (MB) 
  3. Todd Christianson (AB) 

Women 65+ 

  1. Kathryn Cowper (ON) 
  2. Cheema Pinder (BC) 
  3. Jennifer MacAulay (AB) 

 Men 65+  

  1. Nazir Hirji (BC) 
  2. Derrick Cameron (USA) 
  3. Richard Williams (USA) 

Women 70+ 

  1. Pinder Cheema (BC) 
  2. Helen Newsome  (AB) 

Men 70+  

  1. Rashid Aziz (BC) 
  2. Thomas Bedore (ON) 
  3. Michael Letourneau (AB) 

Women 75+ 

  1. Helen Newsome (AB) 

Men 75+ 

  1. Gerald Poulton (BC) 
  2. Ted Gornall (BC) 
  3. Robert de Valk (ON) 

Men 80+ 

  1. Gerald Poulton (BC) 
  2. Robert de Valk (ON) 

Women A 

  1. Kristen Iverson (BC) 
  2. Shanel Kock (SK) 
  3. Halle Singh (BC) 

Men A 

  1. Thomas King (SK) 
  2. Luke Yang (ON) 
  3. Warren Calbeck (ON) 

Women B 

  1. Chloe Deserre (BC) 
  2. Lauren Doyle (AB) 
  3. Anna Plato (AB) 

Men B 

  1. Murray Huck (AB) 
  2. Curtis Kwan (AB) 
  3. Lyndon Sonego (ON) 

Women C/D 

  1. Emilie Heaton (AB) 
  2. Kamal Paul (AB) 
  3. Kaylee Beyene (AB) 

Men C 

  1. Patrick Leslie (AB) 
  2. Stephen Hui (BC) 
  3. David Cumming (AB) 

Men D 

  1. Nhan Le (AB) 
  2. Gregg Delcourt (AB) 
  3. Tim Choy (AB)