National Champions Crowned at 2024 Canadian Junior Closed Championship in Calgary, AB

The 2024 Mortgage Company of Canada Canadian Junior Closed Championship concluded this week with ten National Champions crowned. The four-day event, held from April 27 to 30, brought together the best junior players from across Canada, with over 260 athletes on the draw. Host venues included The Glencoe Club and Bow Valley Athletic Club. The event featured draws for the country’s top Junior Boys and Girls U11, U13, U15, U17, U19 and displayed some of the highest levels of squash and great competition.

Squash Canada would like to thank the Mortgage Company of Canada, Airsprint Private Aviation, the Government of Alberta, Tourism Calgary, The Glencoe Club, Bow Valley Athletic Club, and our many other generous sponsors and patrons for their support. Squash Canada would also like to recognize the local host committee led by Rob Birrell, Michael Brook, Amelia Knapp, as well as the dedicated volunteers led by Tara Morrison and Becky Ritson-Bennett, for their tremendous efforts. Squash Canada also extends a big thank you to the Referee team, led by Tournament Referee Curtis Gillespie, for their dedication to the sport of squash, their time, and efforts.

Title Sponsor Faheem Tejani said: “Mortgage Company of Canada would like to congratulate all participants on a wonderful Canadian Junior Squash Championships. Matches were hard-fought while maintaining the highest level of sportsmanship and the camaraderie off the court highlighted the very special Canadian squash community. The future is bright as we head into our new Olympic era and Mortgage Company of Canada is proud to continue to support”.

“I am still in shock with my result and while all the emotions haven’t hit me yet, this was the best way to finish my junior career,” said GU19 Champion Maria Min of Vancouver, British Columbia. “I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout the years, specifically to my coach Richard Yendell and my parents. I am so excited to start my college squash career at UVA this fall, and I am really looking forward to competing in my final junior events this summer.”

“I feel very blessed to have won this prestigious tournament,” shared BU19 Champion Wasey Maqsood of Milton, Ontario. “It would not have been possible without all the support from my coaches, parents and all those in the squash community who have been supporting me along the way. I also would like to thank Squash Canada for putting on a great event and allowing me to participate.”

National Champions


🥇 Nolan Ryding (ON)

🥈 Wali Maqsood (ON)

🥉 Mikael Humayun (ON)



🥇 Joanna Zheng (BC)

🥈 Eugenie Cao (BC)

🥉 Olivia Wijaya Liong (BC)



🥇 Obie Ryding (ON)

🥈 Arman Takmazyan (ON)

🥉 Yianni Theodoropoulos (ON)



🥇 Lily Fan (BC)

🥈 Amber Gomaa (ON)

🥉 Mabelle Sy (BC)



🥇 Shaan Jolly (ON)

🥈 Clément Leperlier (QC)

🥉 Joseph Suh (BC)



🥇 Lana Fathallah

🥈 Veera Dhaliwal (BC)

🥉 Sasha Lee (ON)



🥇 Calder Murray (AB)

🥈 Anderson Brown (BC)

🥉 Liam MacKay (ON)



🥇 Joelle Kim (BC)

🥈 Wing Kai Gladys Ho (BC)

🥉 Keira Hickox (ON)



🥇 Wasey Maqsood (ON)

🥈 Ewan Harris (ON)

🥉 Faazil Khan (ON)



🥇 Maria Min (BC)

🥈 Ocean Ma (BC)

🥉 Spring Ma (BC)

Results via Club Locker Draws: Click Here

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Alex Doucas Award recipient: Roman Bicknell

This award is presented to the competitor in the Canadian Junior Squash Championships who best exemplifies the spirit of fair play, enjoyment of life, and commitment to excellence, as exhibited by Alex Doucas during his lifetime. In particular:

  • Fair Play – includes having respect for the rules of the game and having respect for referees and opponents.
  • Enjoyment of life – includes actions off the court that demonstrate openness, honesty, friendliness, and support for fellow competitors.
  • Commitment to excellence – includes a willingness to sacrifice, exhibiting a high degree of discipline and dedication, in order to achieve the highest possible standard of play.
  • Candidates will be restricted to one of the top 8 finishers in the Women’s or Men’s U19 category.

Note: The winner is nominated and selected by coaches and officials.