World Junior Championships-Eindhoven, Netherlands-Weekend Recap

    Eindhoven (NLD) – The Canadian women had reached the Quarterfinals of the Team event in the WSF World Junior Championships. After placing second in their pool, the Canadians would have to face off against the number two seed, USA. Team Manager, Janet MacLeod summarized the match:

    “Canada vs USA

    It has been a rough couple of days here in Eindhoven, facing the first seeds and then the second seeds in the tournament.

    Eindhoven (NLD) – The Canadian women had reached the Quarterfinals of the Team event in the WSF World Junior Championships. After placing second in their pool, the Canadians would have to face off against the number two seed, USA. Team Manager, Janet MacLeod summarized the match:

    “Canada vs USA

    It has been a rough couple of days here in Eindhoven, facing the first seeds and then the second seeds in the tournament.

    The rotation this day was 3-1-2, so Maddie started.  Maddie played with a lot of heart today but just couldn’t seem to get things going as her opponent took advantage of everything Maddie tried and USA took the first match 3-0. Sophie was next and early in the match it seemed like we might be in for a thriller as the girls alternated winning points until late in each game. However, again, the USA had a little more jump in their step today and won this match 3-0. Although Sophie was not required to play her match, both athletes wanted to hit, in what was to be a 2 out of 3 match. Sophie played very well against the hard hitter but was no match for the relentless pace in the end and lost 0-2.

    The USA proved to be up for our lineup of the day and Canada lost the encounter 0-3.

    Teams Day 4 is a very important match for Canada against the 4th seeded Hong Kong China.  It is a must win for Canada in order to play off for the 5th position in this tournament.  Hong Kong has proven beatable and Canada has nothing to lose, so the girls are up and ready to meet the challenge full on!  Match time today begins at 2:30 local time with the order 2-1-3 – Sophie, Chloe, Maddie.”

     The Canadians proved their Team Manager right, as they defeated Hong Kong 2-1. Sophie Mehta lost the first match 3-0, where the score didn’t represent how close the match was. In the second match, Canada’s 1, Chloe Chemtob lost the first game. Chloe wouldn’t lose another game and went on to a 3-1 match win, leaving Maddie O’Connor a chance to send Canada to the 5/6 match. Maddie did just that, winning the third match 3-0, giving the Canadians a 2-1 victory.

    After the victory, the Canadians had the remainder of the day to rest and prepare for their 5/6 match against New Zealand that took place at 11:00am local time this morning. With a victory, Canada would tie their best ever finish in the Team event, as well as upset another higher seed (6) in New Zealand.

    The order was 1-3-2 so Chloe Chemtob would lead the Canadians onto the court. Chloe put Canada up 1-0 after winning her match 3-1. Maddie O’Connor was up next and followed Chloe’s footsteps, winning her match and giving Canada 5th place! Canada started the Team event as the 8th seed and defeated higher seeds Hong Kong (4) and New Zealand (6) to tie their second best performance at the tournament, set in the 2013 event. Great job girls! Canada is proud!

    The ladies even generated support from National Team athletes, Sam Cornett and Hollie Naughton for their performances:


    Go Canada Go!


    Here is Team Manger, Janet MacLeod on the team's performances the last two days:

    "Day 4 Team

    Canada vs Hong Kong China

    This was the day. This match was a must win if Canada wanted the chance to play for 5th. Hong Kong China came to the team event seeded 4th, Canada 8th.  Canada had something to prove and prove it they did!

    With the order 2-1-3, Sophie started the encounter.  She was focused and ready. The match started with some good pace and long rallies. Sophie was really working hard to keep her opponent on the move. Her opponent, however, had other ideas. As the match progressed, the interference rule was being severely tested.  The interpretation of blocking and making every effort to play the ball safely has been under scrutiny all week.  Unfortunately, the physical contact in Sophie’s match began to take its toll, both physically and mentally and Sophie admittedly succumbed 0-3.

    Up next was Chloe with a must win. Chloe lost the first game and it looked like the momentum that Hong Kong had built up would be sustained. However, Chloe dug down and ran down everything. Meanwhile, her opponent was running into Chloe! Once again, the rules of interference were being tried. Chloe won the second hard fought game and the energy on court began to shift. Chloe was relentless in her pursuit of the ball and of finding space to put. Again, with questionable calls being made, up to and including the last point, Chloe won the match 3-1.

    Maddie, Mad-dawg, was ready to break the tie. She came out with high energy and continued Chloe’s momentum swing in Canada’s favour.  Maddie clearly showed she belongs on the world stage of squash with her impressive drives and volleys and positive on court poise.  Maddie took the match 3-0 and secured Canada a chance to drive for five spot. All the team savoured this win and breathed a little easier. However, we knew we had one more important match to play.


    Day 5

    Canada vs New Zealand

    If anyone has been following the social media sites, you will know that we love #kiwiforbreakfast (my apologies to Steve Wren). So it was fortuitous that we have our final match of the day in the morning.

    There was no question how much the team wanted this win. It was whether New Zealand wanted it more.  The order had Chloe playing first against a very tough, tall opponent. NZ number one executed hard dying length and an incredible reach that put Chloe on the defensive in the first game and Canada was down 1-0. With some helpful coaching and a request from Chloe for LOUD cheering from the fans, Chloe went back on court for game two with a plan. The cheering and the plan worked. She tied the match 1-1. Chloe was able to keep pressure on the Kiwi and in the third and won this too. Both girls were relentless in their efforts to win every point. This pace was sustained into extra points.  With the adoring fans cheering her on, and game and match ball been traded back and forth a number of times, Chloe forced the error and won the game 14-12 and the match 3-1.

    Maddie knew what she needed to do now. She jumped out to an early 7-1 lead and quickly won the first game. The loyal fans were into it now. Maddie won the second game, not quite as easily as the score may suggest, but Canada certainly felt the match was to be theirs.  In the third game, Maddie appeared to tire a bit, as the kiwi was forcing her to move up to the frontcourt with straight and tight drops. New Zealand won the third game.

    Worried that momentum might shift; Maddie shifted her game plan and kept the ball deep and tight keeping her opponent behind her for much of the game. This strategy worked beautifully and Maddie won the fourth and final game. 3-1 The drive for five was alive! They did it! Canada beat New Zealand 2-0.

    Coach Yendell was extremely pleased and proud of the team effort, not just today but for the entire week leading up to the team event as well as during the team event. They played some great squash, got along very well and made Squash Canada proud! As manager, I am honoured to have been a part of this and thank the girls for including “Mama J” into their circle. A big thank you as well to the parents who came and supported us through the wins and the losses. It meant a great deal to everyone. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Richard Yendell for trusting me to “get the job done”. It has been a real pleasure working with him and I hope to work with him again some day. #attheendoftheday"

    Squash Canada would like to thank all the organizers, volunteers and anyone involved in the WSF World Junior Championships for their hospitality and organization of a fun, well-run tournament! Congratulations to the athletes for their performances, especially the Egyptian team who took home their 5th consecutive Women’s Team title against the USA.

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