Alyssa Mehta



     #SquadGoals: 15 question interview with Alyssa Mehta

    Racquet: Harrow Vapour
    Shoes: Asics
    Based in (what city): Boston, MA
    Right or left handed: Right handed
    Hobbies: Biking & travelling 
    Favourite tournament: Canadian Nationals
    Favourite player: Camille Serme
    Role model growing up: I definitely had a few! The Gemmell Girls (Jenn, Laura, and Michelle), Miranda Ranieri, and Sam Cornett
    Favourite match you’ve played: Anna Kimberly in the CSA (College Squash Association) national final
    When did you start playing: Age 7
    When did you start playing professionally on the PSA World Tour: Age 17
    Favourite shot: Backhand Kill
    Favourite quote: 
    Any schooling (uni/college/personal training/etc): Purusing a degree in Statistics at Harvard University (Class of 2018)