Chloe Chemtob



     #SquadGoals: 15 question interview with Chloe Chemtob

    Racquet: Black Knight Ion
    Shoes: Asics gel
    Clothing: Misc.
    Based in (what city): Palo Alto
    Right or left handed: Right handed
    Hobbies: Squash, paddle boarding, yoga, making jewelry
    Favourite tournament: US Open
    Favourite player: Nicol David
    Role model growing up: Ramy Ashour
    Favourite match you’ve played: US Open U17 Finals
    When did you start playing: Age 6
    When did you start playing professionally on the PSA World Tour: Age 16
    Favourite shot: Boast
    Favourite quote: If you can't accept loosing, you can't win
    Any schooling (uni/college/personal training/etc): Starting Standord this year!