OTTAWA, ON (May 22, 2020) — Squash matches in Canada and around the world are paused at ‘Love-All’, there’s no point to be had. COVID – 19 has impacted all of us and many people have stepped up to help out and provide inspiration during these tough times.  The Canadian National Squash Team is no exception.

Recently, the World Squash Federation highlighted on their home page that Canada’s Best provided inspiration to the Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program through a heartfelt video (click here) that contributed to their closing awards ceremony that went ahead despite COVID-19.

Team Canada’s athletes are also providing free online training videos to help squash players stay fit and healthy while squash clubs remain closed.  They have continued to keep the Canadian squash spirit alive at a time when we need motivation the most.  They are truly the heart and soul of our great Canadian squash family.

Now it is our time to give back to them!  Let’s show our ‘Love-All’ to our hardworking athletes who entertain us, motivate us, wear our country’s name, and make the Canadian squash community proud but who have lost their opportunity to sustain themselves and their chosen sport through their squash pursuits.

Typically in May, the Canadian squash family comes together for our Canadian Squash Championships.  Sadly this May, we can’t enjoy that festive atmosphere, and our very best will miss their chance to lift the trophy and claim their spot in Canada’s history as the National Champion.

Consider instead, that your support to our athletes is replacing the courtside cheers and applause we’d so willingly give them when they entertain us in their pride, passion and performance.  Please make a donation to help these young athletes get through these trying times.  A little will go a long way to keep the squash spirit alive.

Squash Canada will ensure that every dollar donated will go directly to help Canada’s best when they need it most. Donors will receive a tax donation receipt for income tax purposes.

Please spread the word to other squash enthusiasts.