Squash Canada Launches NextGen and Junior National Squad Program

Squash Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Next Gen and Junior National Squad programs; two critical pathways for top young athletes designed to lead Canada back to the forefront of global squash.

In collaboration with P/T’s and our high performance/junior coaching communities, the Next Gen and Junior squads will address the current gap in development for top junior, US College student athletes and aspiring young PSA players. The program will identify up to 24 female and 24 males and support them in all aspects of their journey to represent Canada at an international level. Expressions of interest are now open for both pathways until May 15th with details and selection criteria below.  As always, all Canadian athletes interested in wearing the Maple Leaf are encouraged to reach out to Director of Athlete Development Jamie Nicholls at anytime.

Squash Canada and our partners are excited to usher in the next era of Canadian squash and look forward to building on the success of our national program both historically and in the present.