PSA/WSO Referee Selection Criteria for PSA events in Canada

Squash Canada Officiating Committee – Memo

To: Canadian Officials
From: Squash Canada & Squash Canada Officiating Committee
Re: PSA/WSO Referee Selection Criteria for PSA events in Canada
Date: 19 December 2022

This communication is intended primarily for Canadian officials with Provincial or National designations or those who aspire to these levels. As you may already know, World Squash Officiating (WSO) has assumed the role of assigning officials to PSA events, whereas in the past this duty was carried out by a combination of senior officials, tournament promoters, Squash Canada and/or PSA staff. Moving forward, PSA events will adhere to WSO selection protocols, including those tournaments that take place in Canada. Below are the details of this process, as provided to Squash Canada by WSO.

Selection Process
1. WSO canvasses certified officials as to availability. It is important to note that availability does not guarantee selection.
2. Following collation of referee availability, the WSO appointments panel will meet to make the selection of a team of referees for each event. The panel is made up of Lee Drew, Jim Hay, and Josh Taylor.
3. Where required the panel reserves the right to seek the support of Member Federations, Regions, and the event promoter for further support in decision making. In this case, that means WSO will consult with Squash Canada and the SCOC on assignments.
4. Final confirmation will vary based on promoter confirmation.

Criteria for Selection
Selections will feature a referee team in line with the PSA World Tour Referee Guidelines. When deliberating on the balance of the team various considerations will be kept in mind.

  • Refereeing Level
    • Referees must have a minimum of online WSO Level 3 to officiate at the World Tour Level.
    • WSO Appraisals will be considered.
    • Current refereeing performance from event feedback where available.
  • Developmental Opportunities
    • Based on recommendations from Member Federations and Regions
    • In coordination with WSO development programs
  • Locality
    • Providing opportunities to the referees that are local to the event
    • Working closely with the event and Member Federation associated with the event
  • Event Constraints
    • Where necessary decisions may need to work to meet refereeing budget constraints provided by the event and this may reduce the number of, or opportunity for travelling referees.
    • The event schedule will be considered when determining the number of referees.
  • Opportunity
    • Where possible appointments will be distributed to provide equal opportunity to referees operating at a similar level.

Confirmation of Selection
Referees will be notified if they have been successful following the conclusion of the selection process. Final confirmation will only be given once the event promoter has agreed fully to the terms provided by the WSO. Once the WSO team confirm selection, other logistical information such as travel, accommodation, fees, expenses, refereeing days, and any other event specific protocol will be confirmed with the referee.

Squash Canada and the SCOC are working with WSO to streamline and adapt this process to the PSA events in Canada now and in the future. Please check the Squash Canada website regularly for any WSO updates, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. You can contact Geoffrey Johnson, Squash Canada Director of Sport Development at or Curtis Gillespie, the Chair of the SCOC at