2024 Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship Crowns Winners after Successful Weekend at the Bow Valley Athletic Club

The 2024 Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship successfully returned to the schedule for the first time since 2019. It was held at the Bow Valley Athletic Club in downtown Calgary, Alberta from February 23 to 25. The event brought together athletes in the categories of Mixed Open Doubles, Mixed B Doubles, Mixed 50+ Doubles, and Mixed 60+ Doubles.

Robert Birrell and Jackie Moss took home the Mixed Open Doubles title, going 4-0 during tournament play. Sean Miller and Fabby Gomez won in the Mixed B Doubles category, with convincing wins over the other two teams in their category. In the Mixed 50+ category, Rodney Mendes and Christina Clemente took charge and beat out Dean Brown and Tasha Doucas for the title while in the Mixed 60+ Doubles Danny Shannon and Cathy Brown went 5-0 to edge out the competition.

“The Bow Valley Athletic Club would like to thank all the participants at this year’s Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships,” said Dean Brown, CEO and Managing Partner and Bow Valley Athletic Club. “After several years of having the event cancelled, we hope that this year will provide a springboard to support the tournaments moving forward. We trust everyone had a fantastic time and hope you enjoyed our very special club!”

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