It is a great pleasure for the Board of Governors to announce that five extraordinary individuals will be inducted into the Ontario Squash Hall of Fame in 2024. The Board congratulates Jamie Bentley, Samantha Cornett, Rea Godbold, Stephanie Hewitt and Mike Way who will be inducted on April 4th at the Granite Club in Toronto.   

Jamie Bentley will be inducted as a Player for his hardball doubles and hardball singles legacy. Between 1980 and 2008, Bentley amassed six provincial, nine national, five U.S., and over 70 professional titles. In addition, Bentley became a three-time World Doubles Champion and achieved the highest world ranking of #1 in Hardball Doubles.  

 Samantha Cornett will also be inducted as a Player. Between her junior and senior playing career, Samantha won 17 provincial and nine national singles titles, with another two hardball doubles provincial titles. Cornett has also won 13 professional tournaments and represented Canada on the Senior National Team for 11 years, bringing home the Gold for Team Canada at the 2011 Pan American Games. Cornett achieved a highest world ranking of #22. 

Rea Godbold will be inducted as a Builder/Volunteer for his role as Treasurer and President of both Squash Ontario and Squash Canada in the 80s, his involvement with the Ontario Jesters Club which began in ‘86, and his efforts as captain and organizer of many squash teams and Canadian-U.S competitions.  Godbold left a legacy of strong financial structure in his wake and continues to assist community squash clubs through financial hardships and restructuring. 

Stephanie Hewitt will be inducted as a Player for her hardball doubles and softball singles career. Achieving a World Ranking of #1 for hardball doubles, Stephanie amassed four world, 19 professional, 23 national, eight U.S., and 28 provincial titles. For singles, she was a National Team Member from ‘96-’00, achieved a highest world ranking of #68, obtained four national and 2 provincial titles, and was voted the Ontario University Athletics Association ‘99-’00 All Star and the ‘01 University of Toronto Player of the Year.  

Mike Way will be inducted as a Builder/Coach for his role in coaching several highly decorated top Canadian players, supporting and developing the coaching community in Canada and later the world through coaching clinics and resources, developing a national training centre and assisting with bringing professional tour events to Canada for local players.  

The 2024 Induction Ceremony is scheduled for April 4th and will be hosted by The Granite Club in Toronto. For information about the event and to purchase a ticket, please click here.