Squash Canada to Power Ahead with Sport Testing

    Jonathon Power helps create new testing protocols for enhanced squash training and talent ID

    Jonathon Power helps create new testing protocols for enhanced squash training and talent ID

    OTTAWA (ON) – Squash Canada today announced a partnership with Sport Testing as the official athlete testing solution of Squash Canada.  High-tech tests designed with former Squash World Open Champion, Jonathon Power (now Director of Squash at the NSA), will bring a powerful player development tool to courts across Canada.  Using reactive timing gates, the Sport Testing system measures agility, mobility, and decision-making speed.  Online data tools then allow coaches and players to benchmark performance and improve training effectiveness.

    “The reaction time with the lights and the gates is key to squash.  You always need to react to where the ball goes and make a quick decision and react to that decision.  So this Sport Testing equipment is very reflective of what happens on the squash court.” says Jonathon Power.  “It’s going to create a standard of testing for squash, where all the kids that are trying to get to the top will know exactly where they have to go.”

    “Adding effective talent ID and a fun, player-centered training tool will help us to assess and encourage player potential. All levels can benefit from enhanced participation, excellence and interaction.” commented Squash Canada Executive Director, Danny Da Costa on squash testing’s benefits to the Long-Term Player Development program. “It also creates new opportunities for clubs", he added.

    Squash clubs can add value to tournaments with testing and use it to attract new members and create customized training programs.  Club directors interested in testing for their members should contact Squash Canada or Sport Testing for more information.


    Squash Canada is a non-profit, national sport association responsible for the development of athletes, coaches and officials. Founded in 1913, Squash Canada sets the Canadian standards for squash and works with partners to promote the growth and development of the sport across the country. Squash Canada is a proud member of the Pan American Squash Federation, Canadian Olympic Committee and the World Squash Federation, and participates in the Pan American Championships, Commonwealth and Pan Am Games as well as the World Team Championships at junior and senior levels. Each year, Squash Canada also hosts several singles and doubles national championships for junior and senior athletes across the country.

     Squash Canada’s national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For more information visit http://www.squash.ca


    Sport Testing Inc. is the leading sport-specific, state-of-the-art athlete testing service.  Highly accurate evaluations and online reports eliminate guesswork for athletes, coaches and scouts in benchmarking performance at every level of sport.  Standardized tests designed by experts simulate game play to scientifically assess skills and fitness for squash, soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, basketball, rugby and more.  Clients include the CFL, OHL, Rugby Ontario, Montreal Canadiens, Universities and more.   

    Sport Testing Inc. is based in Toronto, Ontario, and tests athletes across North America. For more information visit http://www.sporttesting.ca