First Medals Handed out at 2022 Canadian Squash Championships

In a long anticipated, widely applauded match, Vincent Taylor of Ottawa, Ontario defeated Lloyd MacDonald of Surrey, BC to earn the gold medal in the Men’s 80+ category at the Canadian Squash Championships.  Contested at the Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver, Taylor won the coveted crown in their first ever meeting in three straight, 11-5, 11-1, 11-7.

“I was hoping to give someone a good game“, said Taylor on what he was expecting of the event, “If I won that’d be just a bonus.”  The 83 year old who transitioned from the hardball game at age 49 joked that his squash longevity and proficiency is attributed to ‘idiocy’, but in seriousness added, “I’ve got to do something to keep going, to keep the motivation, and this is a good reason as any.”

“I came here hoping to look at other 80 year olds and see how they deal with advancing age”, said MacDonald, the 81 year old, about his first national championship experience.  “You can lose your quickness but you can still have the racquet skills.  Vinny has his racquet skills, good for him.”  On what keeps him going, MacDonald remarked, “squash is social.  I play three times a week with my friends, it just makes my life a heck of a lot better.”

Both players carry on in these Championships, now competing in the 75+ youngins’ division, a special provision made to provide a 3-match minimum and even more camaraderie amongst a special group of squash veterans.