Barbara Cooper Receives Community NCCP Coach Developer Award

Ottawa, ON (June 18, 2021) – Squash Canada coach Barbara Cooper has been recognized with a 2020 Community NCCP Coach Developer Award as one of Canada’s most deserving and influential Coach Developers as part of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) annual awards.

A total of nine NCCP Coach Developers from across the country were bestowed the honour in 2020 for their contributions to the sport system in Canada. Barb was recognized for her work in the sport of squash as well as multi-sport. Due to COVID, the award was presented virtually this past Friday June 18th, 2021 during the Squash Canada Awards Ceremony presentation that was held during the 2021 Annual Meeting weekend.

“For many years, our friend Barb Cooper has led Squash Canada’s Coaching Program through facilitation, evaluation, and coach developer programs, to the degree that she has become virtually irreplaceable. From a most distinguished competitive squash career on the world stage, to her demonstration of commitment to progressing squash in Canada since her arrival in the mid 80’s, Barb is a remarkable example of a special individual who gives to ‘Squash for Life’,” stated Squash Canada President Steve Wren. “It’s with great pleasure that I can finally reveal that Barb Cooper has been awarded the Coaching Association of Canada’s ‘Community NCCP Coach Developer Award’. Thank you, Barb, for your gift of skills you’ve shared with so many squash enthusiasts across the country, for your absolute genuine passion in coach delivery, and for your down to earth human approach we can all learn from.”

Barb has an aura about her that is unmatched in the world of coaching. Her commitment to excellence and education of coaches does not go unnoticed by all those that attend courses she facilitates. She is well respected among her peers and all those that come to meet her. There are no words that can truly summarize her impact on coaches across Canada. She has delivered hundreds of courses and evaluations over the years – the number of coaches who have benefited from her knowledge, passion and commitment to coach education is endless as those coaches would then leave an indelible impact on their athletes.

“Barbara Cooper has invested considerable time and energy into developing and educating NCCP coaches, which has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on their community,” said Natalie Rumscheidt, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Coaching Association of Canada. “They are a proven leader who is an invaluable resource and mentor for aspiring coaches. We are honoured to present Barbara Cooper with a 2020 Community NCCP Coach Developer Award.”

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